Monday, January 12, 2009

What the culture of abortion on demand has wrought

I don't know for sure whether this hospital does abortions, but my guess is that for someone to make the mistake of throwing a baby out with the trash, as they do with aborted babies, this hospital does do abortions. If you're killing babies in one room, and delivering them in another, one can get confused when coming upon a dead baby.

This is what the culture of abortion on demand has wrought: a baby thrown away in the trash. Whether "wanted" or not, his person hood determined by when he died - stillborn and he's not a person, he didn't exist, he's medical waste; shortly after birth and he was a person, entitled to rights, protection, and recognition.

At least NBC NY has the decency to call him a baby and not a fetus:

Garbage Dump Searched for Baby's Remains

Police are searching garbage dumps in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for the body of a baby that was apparently thrown out with the trash at Jersey City's Christ Hospital.

Hospital spokeswoman Barbara Davy said the baby was stillborn on Dec. 21 and the body was placed in the hospital morgue. The body was gone when a funeral home employee came to pick it up on Jan. 2.

The baby's mother said he was born alive and died after doctors worked to stabilize him for 20 minutes.

Kalynn Moore's attorney, Michael Anise, said a nurse cleaned up the baby, dressed him in a hat and blanket and gave the baby to the mom to hold. Moore named her son Bashere Davon Moyd Jr.

Whether the child was born is important because Hudson County's prosecutor said a stillborn is not considered a person under New Jersey law.

Here are some articles on aborted babies being thrown away in the trash:

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Chuck said...

I have always believed that abortion has led to an increase in all sorts of social ills, not the least of which is child abuse. Once you devalue life, these types of things aren't as horrific.