Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama wants to remake US

To mark the 100th day of his rule as president, Obama took the opportunity to declare his intention to "remak[e] America.” (Reminds me of when Obama spoke of a "fundamental flaw" in the Constitution or when Michelle said it was the first time in her life she was proud of her country.) Thanks, Obama, but the Founding Fathers made this country just fine the first time. Apparently, he wants to be the Founding Father of the USSA.

I loved this comment by an Obama impersonator on Twitter:

RT @obamasthoughts We must re-make America; because we got off track somewhere along the line. (Personally, I think it was 233 years ago.)

It's funny, but it's sad because it's true. Lord, help me, I don't know how I'm going to get through the next 100 days, never mind next 3 1/2 years!


Chuck said...

I caught that "remake" comment too. It's not only scary but incredibly arrogant to think that the country survived for 232 without him and now we need him to remake it.

FlimFlam said...

What Obama was referring to with his "remake" remark wasn't that the country has been on the wrong track since our existence, it's that we derailed over time, particularly the last eight years. There are problems that have been rolling over for even longer (the economy, for one). We had a bad image all over the world. Most of the world hates us because of things like torture and the abrasive, insane Bush policies. Obama wants to remake our image. He wants America to once again be that shining beacon of hope of the horizon, not the menacing tower of crippling gloom and doom that we've become. HOPE is a good thing; the world needs hope. Why would you want to deprive the world of hope?

You people aren't even giving Obama a chance, but is anyone really surprised? No one expected any of you to anyway. I see so many hateful, bitter people like yourself dumping on the President and acting like he considers himself to be holier than thou, when it's really just your own self-imposed delusions of grandeur that have built up us building Obama up so much that you've literally created an exaggerated, fanciful, and nearly fictional entity. The Right has created this, not us. We know he's just one man and we're patient. You guys waited a day, probably less, and when Obama didn't bring about world peace and prosperity you grabbed your pitchforks and were all like, "See!"

A lot of people didn't like George W. Bush but we were all with him after 9/11. We didn't want him to fail -- only a traitor to his country would want the President, and in turn, America, to fail. We woke up every morning hoping that he wouldn't fail, and we were continually disappointed. Bush not only ran us off the road but he drove through a couple of houses, ran over some lawns, paid for the damages, and then backed back out over the same areas. And all any of you can do is pretend he was never there, that he never existed. You cling to Reagan because you have nothing else. But he's gone. Reagan is a photograph and that moment is gone forever. The rest of America has been and still is moving on. So either hop on the bus or don't, the doors are closing...

Every morning you people wake up and prove Obama's "bitter" comment more and more. You're all acting like textbook sore losers. Every single vile thing that you and people like you say further proves that Obama and was right -- it also proves a great deal of ignorance, but that's another conversation entirely. Deep down inside you all know that, and it only makes it worse.

Instead of walloping in the bitter and clinging to your guns, your religion, or your blogs, you should be trying to reinvent your dying party. Because if you don't natural selection is going to render your party irrelevant and eliminate you completely.

I say this not to hurt you but to help you. I've been where you are and it only leads to anger and negativity. You'll grow to hate yourself, if you already don't.

BTW USSA -- Union of Soviet Socialist Americas -- doesn't make any sense.

Alexa said...

FlimFlam - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "Why would you want to deprive the world of hope?" I am so cruel!

You're right! We are the ones who anointed Obama the messiah - not himself, Farrakhan, the media or his followers! We are the ones who hate him, jump on everything he does, and want him to fail - the Left never EVER did that to George Bush! We are the real sore losers - leftist never came up with conspiracy theories, declared "Not My President!," or held a grudge against the "stolen" 2000 election. The world does hate us - it's so awful we fight evil and liberate millions of Muslims from barbaric rulers. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways and helping me realize all that's wrong in the world is exclusive to my side!

BTW, your remake argument would be credible if Obama didn't have a history of making comments like these or if he had said "renew" which matches what you say far better.

USSR - United Socialist States of America

FlimFlam said...

So not only are you bitter but you're hoping that Obama fails because we did it first? Boy, it's that's not the textbook definition of bitter then I don't know what is...

You're right about one thing: some of the left, including myself, did feel that the election was stolen right out from under our noses with the help of the Conservative Supreme Court. I'm sure you'll disagree but if the decision would have given the presidency to Gore that the right would have been up in arms. The only difference is that Gore had more votes. That's why we were upset. More people in the country wanted Gore, not Bush, and looking back on the epic failure that was the Bush Presidency, I'm now sure everyone would have preferred Gore over Bush, except maybe for you. You don't seem to be well informed at all. At least you're not alone.

I came here to have an intelligent debate but I can see I'm wasting my time. Your attempt at sarcasm is duly noted and deemed a failure.

Oh, one last thing: David Souter just announced that he's leaving the Supreme Court. Have a nice day. :)

Alexa said...

FlimFlam, you crack me up! Thinking you're offering an intelligent debate and I'm the one that's ignorant! If you offered a reasonable, fresh argument as opposed to the same tired discredited rants I've heard for the last 8 years, maybe I'd bother, but your sophomoric mind is not worth my time.

But good job living up to your name which means nonsense!

Bad job being too coward to link to your own profile or site.

BTW, Souter's a liberal, being replaced by a liberal, so no change in the makeup of SC, genius.

JS Morton said...

Wow, the things you find out are in here when you simply read the blogs....Great site!

A reader from suggested I check you out, glad I did!

I am Jeff (

FlimFlam said...

You regurgitate RNC talking points just like the rest of the zombies. It's sad. Really sad.

There's no need to call me a coward for not linking to my "profile." I don't have a profile...? I don't have a home link. I try not to waste my time on the Internet too much. I just come here for shits and giggles.

You know who I am. I've commented on your site dozens of times but this was the first you you decided to post my remarks. You previously had deleted them because, I feel, you just didn't have anything to say. You knew I was right.


FlimFlam said...

It's probably been about a year since I commented. I needed a good laugh the other day so I stopped by. Granted, I am being much nicer this time by not saying what I really feel. I think last time, after reading your idiotic rants, I suggested that you should have been aborted.

Anonymous said...

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