Monday, April 05, 2010

Two Stories, Two Very Different Sets of Women

Check out the juxtaposition of these two headlines on Drudge earlier today:

Female astronauts set record for most women in space at one time...

Women Push for Rights With Topless March... 

Hmmm, which one do you think does more to advance women - women putting their heads down and working hard to move ahead or women parading around showing skin?  

Women advancing science or women advancing the anti-scientific notion that men and women's bodies are the same?

The astronaut article had a perfect quote to wrap this all up with:
While their arrival will set a record for the most women in space, the historic nature of the occasion appears to have slipped under the radar at Nasa. “Maybe that’s a credit to the system, right, that I don’t think of it as male or female?” said Bill Gerstenmaier, Nasa’s associate administrator for space operations, who was unaware of the pending milestone until it was pointed out to him at a press conference.

I just think of it as a talented group of people going to do their job in space,” he said.


Unknown said...

Excellent post - those silly topless moonbats deserve to be mocked and the astronauts deserve kudos!

Guinness said...

Actually, I think a better assessment of this important issue could be achieved if we could see the backs of the astronauts and the fronts of these rebel rousers.