Monday, February 13, 2012

My 5 Favorite Pictures from CPAC 2012

Ok, considering I only took about 20 pictures, this list isn't all that exciting.  I worked and didn't go out Thursday or Friday and was sick on Saturday so I missed out on a TON of fun and I am really disappointed.  I miss CPAC already - can't wait for 2013, in so many ways!

Michelle Lancaster (@SkiGarmisch on Twitter) - and a Giants fan - Bradying over our choices for the GOP nominee.

Newt looks right at me.  And judges me.

Occupy Protesters dressed up as the "1% Tax Dodgers" get kicked out of the hotel by security.

My 16 pieces of flair - I went above the bare minimum - that I collected from all the CPAC booths!

Kristina R. (@ORLibertyGal), April Gregory (@AprilDGregory), and Stephen F-ing Kruiser (@StephenKruiser) being social at dinner.

I hope to redeem myself at Blog Con in April.

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