Tuesday, September 18, 2012

STFU and Let's Get This Done!

UPDATE: 9/27 Special bonus uncensored 40 days until the election audio version of this piece! Thanks to Thomas LaDuke and others at FTR Radio for helping me do this:

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I've gotta get blatantly partisan and maybe ruffle a few feathers, but hopefully wake some people up.  We are 48 days away from the election.  This is do or die, the fate of our country is at stake.  The infighting is over, the circular fire-squad must end, the criticisms of our candidate must be held until after the election, the Reagan 11th commandment must be adhered to - this may be controversial to say, but it must be said and must be done if we are to win. 

President Obama has been an utter failure and the focus right now should be on the Middle East which is on fire - and a US ambassador was ASSASSINATED!!!! for the first time since the Iran hostage crisis - plus the economy is in the toilet.  If you have concerns about the optics of things Romney says - his press conference on Egypt was too early, it shouldn't have blamed Obama, the 47% quote is bad - even if you truly believe this stuff, even if you think these issues are of Romney's own making and he is a bad candidate, I must say to you right now: STFU!!!!! 

You are being a useful idiot by providing cover for the left and MSM to make this into a huge story instead of the actual things going on in the world that matter you are giving Obama further campaign ads - "Romney sucks - even X conservative says so!"  The fact that you have qualms about Romney "gaffes" ONLY hurt us, there is no possible positive outcome for you saying it.  Don't give me the "I'm just being objective, I'm maintaining my independence and integrity," etc. I don't care about your self-centered righteous indignation - forget you and your personal vanity - this isn't about YOU, we have a country to save.  So, STFU!!!!! 

You can easily find things in what Romney has said to agree with - if you can't get over the 47% number of people who don't pay income taxes, then turn the discussion into a broader point of big government dependence vs. individual independence and the American creed - what kind of country do we really want to be?  Or focus on his truth on Israel and the Palestinians not wanting peace from that same donor video.  Or attack Obama and his administration for ignoring warnings about the September 11th embassy attacks. Or the fact that Brownshirts took in a film maker in the middle of the night because he exercised his free speech rights to criticize a religion.

There is so much material, you should not be wasting one second going after Romney for supposed "gaffes."

Get in line, defend Romney, or at the very least focus every breath on attacking Obama as if your life depended on it - because it does, if not literally, then at least the quality of your life and all future generations.  This is desperation time, do or die, leave it all on the field.

"Let's get this done. We can do this." - Paul Ryan.  WE MUST DO THIS!

Thank you.


A die-hard conservative who cannot live under another 4 years of Obama and will do ANYTHING to win in November


Jackie said...

Umm...hell yes!!!

Anonymous said...

This is an "amen" from your friendly, neighborhood Liberal.

You don't have to be a Conservative to recognize that this administration is a mess, and that its policies have failed.


soopermexican said...

SI SE PUEDE Elect Paul Ryan and that other guy!!!! Let's DO THIS!

freedom4megop said...

Ground game is important too. Contacting voters. I would love to see a "Let's Make Calls for Romney/Ryan Day" organized via social media for those that don't live in swing states(or those that do). I live in Ohio and have been knocking on doors and making calls from a Victory Center. My twitter footprint is small but would love to see some of the 'big guns' involved. Link to making calls for Romney from home. http://www.mittromney.com/sites/default/files/shared/Volunteer%20Connect%20Instructions_0.pdf