Monday, September 24, 2007

Team's best player is mascot

Chiefs get momentum from mascot’s tackle

The confident man ran on the field, and for the longest time nobody ran out to get him. The Chiefs’ security staff seemed about as alert as the Chiefs’ players. The man ran around, then he taunted the Vikings for a few seconds (one player even made a fake as if he were going to go after the guy), then he ran again.
...Then, the yellow coats of security started to close in around the man. That’s when KC Wolf entered the scene. He ran on the field to help. In his 18-year career, KC Wolf has stopped two overzealous fans — one at Arrowhead and one (believe it or not) at the Pro Bowl. Wolf was not looking to be a hero. He just wanted to help block the man’s path.

But some have greatness thrust upon them. The man looked around, surveyed his situation, saw that he was being stalked by five security guards and also a 7-foot-2 wolf, and he made the rather shrewd strategic decision to run at KC Wolf.

That’s when KC Wolf took him down. Wolf stood up and belly-flopped on the guy and security guards. He flexed his muscles as security took the man away.

The crowd erupted in the loudest cheers of the day. The Chiefs’ sideline erupted in laughter. The cheerleaders erupted in dance. There were a lot of eruptions.

“That was awesome!” Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen said.

“That was classic!” Chiefs offensive guard Brian Waters said.

“Hilarious!” Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez said.

“That really was funny,” Chiefs coach Herm Edwards said.

I just loved the picture! Here's the video:

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Karen Janowski said...

You always have to look out for the big, bad wolf!
That was classic, what a great action shot!