Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Political Innocence Lost

I almost pity the naivete of these young idealistic Obama followers. Almost.

Muslims barred from picture at Obama event

Abdelfadeel, like Aref, felt "disappointed, angry and let-down," she later wrote.

She was "let-down that the Obama campaign continously perpetuates this attitude towards Muslims and Arabs — as if being merely associated [with] one is a sin."

The two women's friends who witnessed the incidents were disappointed too. Aref's friend Miller said he was "shocked" [SHOCKED!] by the contrast between Obama's message and their experience.

"He was the one candidate who you would expect to stand up for something like that — and behind the scenes you have something completely contrary to what he was running on," said Koussan, Aref's other friend.

Welcome to the world of politics, kid!

Never put your hopes and dreams into a politician. You will only be disappointed.

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