Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daily Mail Horror Story: Choosing Life After Rape

This is a pretty amazing article about turning a horrific event into a a positive future.

At 16 she was gang raped and left pregnant. Now one mother explains... Why I love my rapist's baby

...'All the hatred I felt towards those men disappeared when I saw the baby. I put Phoebe on Elizabeth's breast and that was the most moving sight.

'In that moment, it wasn't about her being attacked in some car park, it was simply about the precious moment a new mum holds her baby.'

Elizabeth concurs. 'I have never, ever blamed Phoebe for what happened.

'While it was terrifying, knowing that I was going to be a mum made me look forward and focus on something else. I suppose I have tried to look beyond what happened, to the life that was created.'

...'If I have to, I will say that she was the good that came out of something bad. And I will tell her that, however she came to be, I have never ever regretted having her, and I would not be without her for the world.'

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