Sunday, August 24, 2008

These two are going to be such fun!

As if Obama didn't already have enough gaffe problems for himself, he now adds Joe Biden to the ticket! These two bumbling fools are like the gift that keeps on giving! Three gaffes within 24 hours!

UPDATE: Biden: Barackal, America, Obaman Apparently, in addition to call him "Barack America" (see below), Biden also said "Barackal Bama" and "Barack Obaman"

Obama introduces Biden as the "next president"... er, I mean vice president:

Joe Biden endorses "Barack America"... er, I mean Barack Obama:

Obama calls Eau Claire a "big important state"... er, I mean Wisconsin.

Now, let's go get a bratwurst!


Anonymous said...

You can't make this stuff up. And some people think only Bush makes this gaffes. We are all vulnerable when the camera's on 24/7.

Anonymous said...

It takes real class to make fun of Joe Biden, a man who suffered from a severe stutter as a child.

Real class act.

Alexa said...

Don't see how a "severe stutter as a child" would affect him making stupid comments now that he's an AARP member. And am I not supposed to make fun of Obama because he was made fun of as a kid for his funny ears, too? Sheesh!

Alexa said...

I like how the new definition of racist is "doesn't fall groveling at Obama's feet."

Yeah, there couldn't be ANY other possible reason to oppose this left-wing extremist with no experience or life accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

i think she/he was referring to your funny ears remark. that was pretty racist.

Alexa said...

I can only assume you are joking. I don't make any judgements about Obama's ears, I just know he got into a minor tiff with Maureen Dowd about them and he said he was made fun of as a kid for them. That is what I was referring to.

This is getting ridiculous. The laughable charges of racism, of course, and the anonymity of comments. My have to change how comments are made - unless people want to willingly provide some form of identification when they sign a comment.