Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama Supporters Are Taking Crazy Pills!

So last week the media was all over the meme that McCain-Palin supporters are angry and violent. But that quietly faded away AFTER we learned the Secret Service could find no evidence of anyone yelling "Kill Him!,"and ...

a McCain support was smacked in the face with a sign and wooden stick by an Obama supporter,

a car with a McCain sticker was keyed with KKK,

a SC Republican Party HQ was vandalized with the words "Republican means slavery,"

Obama supporters wore "Sarah Palin is a C**T" shirts,

Molotov cocktails were thrown at a McCain sign in front of a house,

people are posing for pictures with guns aimed at Sarah Palin,

and those are only the ones I've heard about recently!

Yet somehow it's Republicans who are hateful and dangerous?! I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!!

Michelle Malkin has a whole list of things deranged liberals have done


Anonymous said...

So are you trying to suggest there were no incidents from McCain supporters? No threats, no vandalism, no off color remarks?

Seems you are being just as selective as you claim the Media is being. Try not to be so hypocritical next time.

Alexa said...

It is exactly by being as selective as the Media is being that I prove my point. Anyone can come up with a big list of bad things on one side or the other. The problem is when the media, which is supposed to be fair and represent all sides, only shows one side. Also, Obama supporters are taking crazy pills!!!