Sunday, October 24, 2010

Guess how many times "conservative" was used in WaPo's New Black Panthers article

In the WaPo article "Dispute over New Black Panthers case causes deep divisions," the authors took pains to tell readers that anyone questioning the NBP case was conservative, with no mention of any liberals or how far left the NBP is.

Total number of times the following words are written in the article:

conservative: 8

Republican: 7

Democrat: 4

liberal: 0

progressive: 0

left: 0

Get that? The two words conservative and Republican - 15 times.

The four words Democrat, liberal, progressive and left - 4 times

And here's one paragraph where "conservative" is written 3 times!

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Adams, 42, was assigned as the lead lawyer. A voting section lawyer since 2005, he would later resign over the Obama administration's handling of the case, publicizing his views in conservative media. Administration supporters call him a conservative activist; other Justice Department lawyers say his views, while conservative, did not influence his work.


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