Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On COC: This is exactly the point

The Chamber of Commerce is already being harassed by the Administration, why would they want to open up their donors to the same thing?! It would absolutely chill free speech - who would donate to non-profit causes they believed in if it would open them up to harassment by union bullies and Obama's thugs? That is exactly why they want those names - so they can intimidate the donors, launch investigations against them, and thus silence them.

Notice how they are not attacking any liberal organizations or unions who have the exact same circumstances as the COC - this is purely a political witch hunt designed to bring down Obama's enemies. It has NOTHING to do with transparency or fair elections - if so, Obama can start with HIMSELF and his own party

Bottom line: Dems are desperate and want to blame their upcoming losses on anything but themselves and their destructive policies.
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Chamber of Commerce’s position that disclosure of their donors would expose them to harassment, such as protests by labor unions at the homes of health insurance executives.
they don’t want to subject their donors to, in their view, harassment and intimidation from allies of the administration,” Tapper said.Read more at

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