Wednesday, February 23, 2011

RI Teachers Union: Budget Cuts are our Pearl Harbor

After Jesse Jackson compared the Wisconsin union protesters to MLK, the Civil Rights movement, and  Gandhi, here's some more hyperbolic rhetoric involving another teachers union dispute across the country in Rhode Island:

“This is beyond insane,” Providence Teachers Union President Steve Smith said Tuesday night. “Let’s create the most chaos and the highest level of anxiety in a district where teachers are already under unbelievable stress. Now I know how the United States State Department felt on Dec. 7, 1941.” That was the day the Japanese government bombed Pearl Harbor.[for those of you who graduated from public school]

Apparently RI state law requires teachers be notified of termination by March 1, but the school district doesn't know how many teachers it will need to lay off for budget cuts yet, so the district is sending out notifications to all teachers to cover all its bases. 

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