Wednesday, February 06, 2008

British Lolita

Horrible story about a mother who's 16 year old daughter has run off with a 49 year old former religion teacher, but it's legal so there's nothing she can do.

This is an example of being so open-minded that your brains fall out. When there are no morals or standards, then anything and everything is normal and ok.

The day I learned my 16-year-old daughter was having an affair with her RE teacher... from his wife

It spelled out in plain terms that from this moment on Jess [16]would be living with Clive Richards, her former religious education teacher at school, a 49-year-old thrice married father of two, who until recently was training to become an Anglican vicar.
The pair of them insist they're just a normal couple in love. Richards - who on occasion takes Jess to school on his scooter - likes to see himself as an enlightened individual who (unlike the rest of us) would never allow himself to be encumbered by dull convention.
If only others were not so prejudiced and narrow-minded, you can imagine him, as we shall learn later, saying to her.

One gets the impression that while protesting how "normal" they are, the pair of them - especially Richards - are rather revelling in their notoriety.
On the website, a contributor, believed to be Richards, cogitating about the age gap in his relationship, says: "What is a normal 16-year-old? What is a normal anything, really?"
[From the mother:] "I had a chat with the social worker and learned that she had told Jess her rights, that she had done nothing wrong at all, that she was entitled to belongings that she had bought herself. It was unbelievable.

"As far as I'm aware there was no attempt at all to sit down with Jess and ask her if she knew what she was doing."
The response [to a letter written by Jess' grandfather] tells us a great deal about Richards, his self regard and his blind refusal to accept that he has done anything at all wrong.

It is a long letter, broken down into ten points. The tone is lofty, at times indignant and patronising.

He seems to suggest that his own children will accept the situation because he has taught them not to be overly judgmental - unlike some people, i.e. Jess's family.

…"I note also I am the instrument of the focus which is interesting and I assume it is because you all seem to think Jess at 16 has no mind.

"Sadly, you are all so wrong here as I have found. She thinks at an incredible level, is very mature, very single-minded and

"I think perhaps the family should start to listen to her and what she wants and feels."

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