Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"My cups runneth over"

Booze bra gives women a wine rack

For those occasions when booze just isn't allowed a wine-holding bra has been created for the ladettes of this world.

Be it a rock concert or simply a trip to the women simply need to fill up the sports bra device with their favourite tipple and then once inside suck the liquid out of the special teat.

The bra serves the double purpose of also making the wearer's (wine) rack look more full – until the alcohol is all drunk down that is and the woman goes from a big chested beauty to a big bellied Betty.

The £20 polyurethane bladder can contain 750ml of liquid (a normal wine bottle) and boosts a woman's chest by two cups.

It is not the first time Metro has reported on illicit booze drinking devices. In 2006 we brought you the polyurethane beer belly for men.

Buy here in Britain.

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