Sunday, March 09, 2008

March 10: Celebrate former back-alley butchers!

Fourth Annual Abortion Practitioner of the Year Awards Show Anti-Woman Abuses
Here are the nominees, in alpha order to be fair:

Malachy DeHenre: Found guilty this January for murdering his wife after losing his medical license in Alabama, New York and Mississippi for botched abortions, rape, and death of a patient.

Alberto Hodari: Late-termer caught on videotape in November speaking to Medical Students for Choice at Wayne State University in Michigan, invited despite having been previously accused of killing two patients. Hodari bragged about lying to patients and families and not washing hands between abortions, among other grossities.

George Kabacy: Former Oregon Planned Parenthood slice-and-dicer who pleaded guilty in Washington state in November for engaging in and advertising child porn. Kabacy was also accused but never convicted of killing a patient.

Deborah Lyn Levich: Allowed her Alabama medical license to expire last January after being charged with letting non-physicians commit abortions, underestimating fetal gestational age, falsifying records, committing illegal abortions and failing to treat a patient in dire straits. Levich is still licensed to practice in Georgia.

Rapin Osathanondh: Surrendered his Massachusetts medical license voluntarily last month after allegedly killing 22-year-old Laura Smith in September with an anesthesia overdose.

James Pendergraft: Had his Florida license suspended one year in December and was fined $10,000 for committing an illegal late-term abortion that resulted in a brain-damaged baby. Previously imprisoned in 2001 for extortion. In 2005, one of his five clinics turned away paramedics responding to a call by a mother inside whose baby was aborted alive and allowed to die.

Laurence Reich: Charged in California last month for practicing medicine without a license after having it revoked in 2005 for molesting patients.

Hamid Hussain Sheikh: Indicted in November by Kentucky officials for defrauding Medicaid.

Sheldon Turkish: In a case making its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, Turkish has been charged for committing an abortion without informed consent, including lying that a patient was not carrying human life.
And the winner is …

Laurence Reich! Congratulations!

Here is the rest of Reich's exciting portfolio.

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