Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jesus ain't the reason for the season, apparently

I like how the editor didn't include "Christmas" in the headline, even though the entire article uses it:

'Nativity' Booted From Ill. Holiday Fair

A public Christmas festival is no place for the Christmas story, the city says. Officials have asked organizers of a downtown Christmas festival, the German Christkindlmarket, to reconsider using a movie studio as a sponsor because it is worried ads for its film "The Nativity Story" might offend non-Christians.
So a Christmas movie sponsorship might offend them, but not the Christmas festival itself?
"The last time I checked, the first six letters of Christmas still spell out Christ," said Paul Braoudakis, spokesman for the Barrington, Ill.-based Willow Creek Association, a group of more than 11,000 churches of various denominations. "It's tantamount to celebrating Lincoln's birthday without talking about Abraham Lincoln."

Friday, November 17, 2006

John Edwards is an idiot

This is wrong on so many levels:

Edwards Acknowledges Wal-Mart Gaffe

First of all, he's anti-Walmart, a store that helps lower income people and everyone else afford many products:

Edwards told The Associated Press that the volunteer "feels terrible" about seeking the game unit at Wal-Mart a day after his boss criticized the company, saying it doesn't treat its employees fairly.

Second, he gets a volunteer to try to use his name to get the PS3 which is selling out everywhere and causing riots:

"My wife, Elizabeth, wanted to get a Playstation3 for my young children. She mentioned it in front of one of my staff people," Edwards said. "That staff person mentioned it in front of a volunteer who said he would make an effort to get one. He was making an effort to go get one for himself. ...

And worst of all, he taught his 6 year old to make fun of his poorer classmates for shopping at Walmart:

In the call, he repeated a story about his son Jack disapproving of a classmate buying sneakers at Wal-Mart. "If a 6-year-old can figure it out, America can definitely figure this out," Edwards said.

What an out-of-touch snob!


Climate change is as serious as WMD: Annan

Well that explains why the UN doesn't take WMDs seriously!

Scientists: Pollution could combat global warming

I think it's headlines like this that make people not take global warming seriously.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Liberals discover trees grow back"

NY Times, not the Onion:

Many Nations’ Forests Regrow, Study Finds

A large and growing number of countries are reversing the longstanding trend toward destruction of their forests, a surprising new analysis has found.

“From the new data it seems possible that we could reverse a global trend that many people thought was irreversible,” said Pekka Kauppi of the University of Helsinki in Finland, a lead author of the study, which appears today in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Chicka chicka bowow

Zoo to Teach Panda to Mate With "Porn" Videos

A Thai zoo, which has hosted a couple of pandas for four years, will play "porn" videos for the male next month to encourage them to breed in captivity, the project manager said on Saturday.

The pair -- living chastely together at the zoo in the northern city of Chiang Mai since arriving from China in 2003 -- would be separated in December, but stay close enough for occasional glimpses of each other, said panda project chief Prasertsak Buntrakoonpoontawee.

"They don't know how to mate so we need to show the male how, through videos," Prasertsak told Reuters. He said Chuang Chuang, the six-year-old male, would be shown the videos on a large screen when he might be feeling amorous.

"We'll play the video at the most comfortable and intimate time for him, perhaps after dinner," Prasertsak said, hoping Chuang Chuang would then use the techniques on Lin Hui, a five-year-old female.

Police dress up as Batman and Robin to catch drugs suspect

Two policemen dressed as Batman and Robin captured a suspected drugs offender - in a bizarre sting operation.

The Dynamic Duo - Sgt Tony Smith and PC Mike Holman - pulled on the superhero outfits in a bid to unsettle the suspected baddies.

They pretended to be drunks looking for a fancy dress party and knocked on the door of the suspect's home.

Those inside refused to answer the door to the loud, comically dressed visitors - which was what the officers wanted.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Whose side are you on, anyway

Mideast terror leaders to U.S.: Vote Democrat

"Of course Americans should vote Democrat," Jihad Jaara, a senior member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group and the infamous leader of the 2002 siege of Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, told WND. ...

Muhammad Saadi, a senior leader of Islamic Jihad in the northern West Bank town of Jenin, said the Democrats' talk of withdrawal from Iraq makes him feel "proud."

"As Arabs and Muslims we feel proud of this talk," he told WND. "Very proud from the great successes of the Iraqi resistance. This success that brought the big superpower of the world to discuss a possible withdrawal."

Abu Abdullah, a leader of Hamas' military wing in the Gaza Strip, said the policy of withdrawal "proves the strategy of the resistance is the right strategy against the occupation." ...

Abu Ayman, an Islamic Jihad leader in Jenin, said he is "emboldened" by those in America who compare the war in Iraq to Vietnam. ...

In a recent interview with CBS's "60 Minutes," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, stated, "The jihadists (are) in Iraq. But that doesn't mean we stay there. They'll stay there as long as we're there."

WND read Pelosi's remarks to the terror leaders, who unanimously rejected her contention an American withdrawal would end the insurgency.

Islamic Jihad's Saadi, laughing, stated, "There is no chance that the resistance will stop."
He said an American withdrawal from Iraq would "prove the resistance is the most important tool and that this tool works. The victory of the Iraqi revolution will mark an important step in the history of the region and in the attitude regarding the United States."

Jihad Jaara said an American withdrawal would "mark the beginning of the collapse of this tyrant empire (America)." ...

Saadi stated, "Unfortunately I think those who are speaking about a withdrawal will not do so when they are in power and these promises will remain electoral slogans. It is not enough to withdraw from Iraq. They must withdraw from Afghanistan and from every Arab and Muslim land they occupy or have bases."

Iraqis take note of election results and Rumsfeld resignation

Iraqi politicians opposed to the continued U.S. presence in the country were delighted with the outcome.

“The vote shows the Iraqi and American people are of one mind about withdrawing U.S. troops,” said Falah Hassan Shanshal, who leads the parliamentary bloc of radical anti-American Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

We hope the Democrats don't forget their campaign promises. If they don't, we will deal with them in a brotherly way once the last American soldier pulls out from Iraq,” he said.

Al Qaeda gloats over Rumsfeld

Khamenei calls elections a victory for Iran

Dems' Wins in U.S. Races Concern Israel

Thursday, November 02, 2006

John Kerry is an idiot


"You remember John Kerry, the senator who voted for the $87 billion before he voted against it - the guy that was always lecturing us about nuances," Vice President Dick Cheney said to a Montana GOP rally in remarks prepared for delivery.

Added Cheney, "Of course, now Sen. Kerry says he was just making a joke, and he botched it up. I guess we didn't get the nuance. He was for the joke before he was against it"


"In his remarks, Sen. Kerry inferred that many of us over here are in Iraq because we are not smart enough, didn't study hard, and had no other options in life," he wrote to The Post.

"Let me just tell you, there are many other people who share that view - the enemy."

He pointed out that Saddam Hussein tried to spread exactly the same propaganda about American forces and said that the terrorist insurgents are still trying to propagate the myth.

"One of the common misconceptions among Iraqis is that U.S. troops are the bottom feeders of America, have no families, lack education, and are society's outcasts," he wrote.


Sgt. 1st Class Norbert Carrasquillo, 37, saw 19 men die with the Fighting 69th of the New York National Guard.

"This is what I get in return for doing my part for this country - I get negative remarks about how stupid I am to be in the Army," steamed the 19-year vet.

"I hate to think somebody made that comment after we lost so many soldiers over this last month. He's trying to say they're dumb?"