Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obama Stands With Planned Parenthood - Get Rid of Them Both

This video for Planned Parenthood that President Obama has made in his official capacity as President of the United States - the end shows - saddens, sickens, and angers me.  Of course, it's not a surprise that a man who voted for infanticide would so lovingly embrace the biggest abortion provider in the country, but it should still outrage us and renew our commitment to fight.

In the video Obama says:

“So when some professional politicians casually say that they’ll get rid of Planned Parenthood, don’t forget what they’re really talking about: eliminating the funding for preventive care that millions of women rely on and leaving them to fend for themselves."
No, Mr. President, don't YOU forget what we're really talking about: the elimination of millions of unborn babies from our population and abortion as "preventive care."

President Obama says Planned Parenthood fights for "the woman with a new lease on life because a mammogram caught her cancer in time" - except Planned Parenthoods don't do mammograms, they only refer them - and "the woman who was able to choose when to start a family because she could afford contraception." I thought women weren't able to afford contraception and that's why Obamacare made it "free," but now he's saying Planned Parenthood is doing the job?  Good!  I expect he'll repeal the contraception mandate that violates religious conscience at any moment!

The President finishes with the perfect call to action for conservatives and pro-lifers to defeat him at the polls this November: "I know you’ll never stop fighting to protect the health care and the choices that America’s women deserve and as long as I have the privilege of being your president, neither will I."

By thanking Planned Parenthood and standing by their work, Obama is voicing his support for some very despicable things: the deaths of millions of unborn babies; the sexual exploitation of minors; the cover up of sex abuse perpetrated on children and incest victims; the enabling of sex trafficking; the fraud and abuse of millions in taxpayer dollars; the non-FDA approved administration of abortion drugs that led to the deaths of 4 California women; the acceptance of racist donations; and more.

President Obama alluded to Mitt Romney saying he'd get rid of Planned Parenthood's funding - which amounts to over $360 million dollars from federal, state, and local taxpayers of PP's Billion dollar yearly budget (check out the page labeled 29 of their 2008-09 annual report).  Planned Parenthood takes lives and commits crimes, they do not deserve our hard-earned tax money.  Luckily, so far 9 states have defunded Planned Parenthood of over $60 million, but we need more states and the federal government to kick PP of the dole.  But as long as Obama is president, Planned Parenthood will remain strong, so we need to kick him out as well.

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Nothing to See Here, Just Obama Embracing Another Radical

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Obama hugging Bell

Apparently Obama's embrace of radical professor Derrick Bell isn't news because it happened in the past.  Just like Obama palling around with terrorists Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and Khalid Al Masour.  And who could forget the 20+ years he spent listening to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Even though some of these radical associations were discussed during the 2008 campaign, the media did not fully explore them and much of the public didn't believe they were true.  But now looking back in 2012 they carry new meaning - perhaps those caught up in the excitement of "hope and change" who've been mugged by reality will finally open their hearts and minds to the truth.  Maybe the Obama presidency seen through this context will finally make sense to them and they will realize how Obama's extreme leftist agenda threatens the country.  That is why this is news and why it must be kept in the public's consciousness through election day. 

Barack Obama asks that you "open your hearts and minds to the words of Derrick Bell" - has all you need to know about this radical professor:

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And Commentary reports:

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Monday, March 05, 2012

Call Them Out By Name: Sandra Fluke, David Gregory and David Friend

After going to an Andrew Breitbart memorial event on Saturday, I am more inspired than ever to fight back against the Left.  Three things that were said stood out to me in that regard.  Number one, Dana Loesch said we need to follow Breitbart and hit Leftists by "calling them out by name."  Then Brandon Darby mentioned that the Left was taking advantage of our grief and we were losing on Limbaugh.  Finally, I'm struck with the image of Breitbart himself in this tribute video looking straight at the camera and simply saying, "War."

This is war.  I am going to defend Limbaugh from the radical Leftists who want to take him off the air.  And I am going to call out our opponents by name.  Starting with Sandra Fluke, David Gregory and David Friend.

Sandra Fluke. 
Sandra Fluke is a 30 year old woman who is president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice and went to Georgetown Law despite knowing that their insurance does not cover birth control - because they are a Catholic institution - and made it her mission to force them to change their policy.  Remember when I mentioned how feminazis lied and said a Congressional hearing on religious concerns about the Obamacare contraceptive mandate was only men?  They had wanted Sandra Fluke to testify - I guess Allison Dabbs Garrett and Dr. Laura Champion, the two women who DID testify at the "all-male" panel, just don't count as women because they don't toe the radical feminist line.

When the 30 year old woman, Sandra Fluke, did finally speak, she claimed that she and her fellow law school attendees were suffering under the strain of paying for their own birth control out of pocket - she said it costs $3,000 over a 3 year law school term!

I have no idea what kind of birth control she was claiming cost $3,000.  Out of pocket, condoms are free or about $1, the Pill costs as low as $4 a month/ $10 over three months, an IUD is $500 but lasts 5 years, etc.  There really is not a birth control that should cost $3,000 over 3 years (you can't count the first doctor's visit because obviously the yearly OB-GYN exam is covered by her insurance), this woman is vastly overpaying.  You'd think by age 30 she'd have shopped around and figured out the most economical solutions to her problem.  Why does her Catholic law school - and the rest of us - have to pay for her bad shopping choices? 

[UPDATED: On February 7th, before her testimony, Georgetown's law newspaper wrote about some of her background in radically crusading on this issue, including a campaign to lobby GU and the Obama Administration, and even a sex discrimination claim.  She explicitly says she wants to make GU's policy illegal:
Former LSRJ Co-President Sandra Fluke, 3L, organized a lobbying campaign to try to persuade the university to reverse course before the mandate was announced in August 2011.  When the campaign was unsuccessful, the group turned its efforts to lobbying the Obama administration to extend the mandate to universities like Georgetown, and even considered filing a sex discrimination claim against the school.
“We’re very excited that these regulations may make that unnecessary and would make it crystal clear to the administration that continuing this policy would be illegal,” Fluke said.
Another blogger dug into her background and wonders if she's being managed by the Glover Park Group.]

In regards to Rush Limbaugh, he was making the point that she wants others to pay for her to have sex. She wants to be paid for having sex by forcing Catholics and their insurers (i.e. every one of us who will be forced to buy insurance under Obamacare) to pay for her birth control.  He literally shouldn't have said "slut" because a slut doesn't get paid and he later retracts, but he did also say "prostitute," which better fit his analogy.  Clearly not a well thought out rant as he goes back and forth on several words.  Here is the transcript from 2/29/12 for which Rush has since apologized:
"RUSH: What does it say about the college co-ed Sandra Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex, what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She's having so much sex she can't afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? We're the pimps. (interruption) The johns? We would be the johns? No! We're not the johns. (interruption) Yeah, that's right. Pimp's not the right word. Okay, so she's not a slut. She's "round heeled." I take it back."
Ridiculously, but predictably, Democrats are seizing on Rush Limbaugh's statement to do two things they love to do: change the subject and raise money. Even the President of the United States took time out of his busy day (presumably filled with strategy sessions on how to save our economy, lower the price of gas, and get Americans back to work) to call this 30 year old woman who shamelessly told the world about her overspending problem (hey, they have something in common!).

In response, Laura Ingraham tweeted, "Ed Schultz called me a slut last May...still waiting for Obama's call" (more on Schultz later).  Don't forget this is the same president who whined about having to take more pictures with the troops!  I hope he called from the DNC and not the White House because this was a purely cynical campaign op and Democrats are raising millions off this and the media are making in-kind contributions with all the attention they've brought to the issue - which brings me to David Gregory.

David Gregory. 
David Gregory is the host of NBC's Sunday morning show "Meet the Press" who spent the first 5 minutes of his interview with Newt Gingrich this week trying to push the liberal line on Limbaugh and birth control.  God Bless Newt Gingrich for slapping back at Gregory - Newsbusters recorded Newt's great response:
"You know, David, I am astonished at the desperation of the elite media to avoid rising gas prices, to avoid the President's apology to religious fanatics in Afghanistan, to avoid a trillion dollar deficit, to avoid the longest period of unemployment since the Great Depression, and to suddenly decide that Rush Limbaugh is the great national crisis of this week."
Newt continued:
"There is no debate about access to contraception. There is a debate, which Cardinal George of Chicago has pointed out, is a war against the Catholic Church. You do have this weird situation where President Obama apologizes to Islamic extremists while waging war against the Catholic Church."
David Gregory: useful idiot of the Left.  I hear the other Sunday morning shows made the issue a focus as well, but Gregory has the distinction of getting his butt whooped on it so I wanted to rub it in and highlight Newt's great response.

Video of the Newt v. Gregory exchange:

David Friend. 
David Friend is an Obama campaign donor and the CEO of Carbonite who decided after Rush Limbaugh apologized to still withdraw ads from his program, despite the fact that Carbonite still advertises for other men who call women sluts, Ed Schultz and Howard Stern.  Friend wrote on the Carbonite website explaining the decision to drop advertising:
“No one with daughters the age of Sandra Fluke, and I have two, could possibly abide the insult and abuse heaped upon this courageous and well-intentioned young lady. ..."
I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that he has no idea that Fluke is in her 30's.  He probably thinks, like the myth the media has been perpetuating, that she's of undergrad college age.  I can't imagine him bringing up his own daughters or calling her a "young lady" (how patronizing, by the way) unless he thought she was in the 18-22 range, but I guess it's possible.  And if that's the case, then he should be equally upset that Laura Ingraham, a woman in her 40's (an age his daughters will be someday), was called a slut by Ed Schultz, one of the men his company sponsors.  Ben Howe's on the case asking, Carbonite Drops Ads from Rush Limbaugh but Not Ed Schultz?

And how about him calling Fluke "courageous and well-intentioned?"  Puh-LEAZE!  As if she was an innocent victim who was thrown into this, instead of an adult liberal activist who crusaded on this issue and ran to the press and the world to demand that the government force the religious institution she attends to violate its beliefs and give her contraception for free.  Begging for a government handout is not courageous and her years of activism on this very issue shows she was not well-intentioned.  Fluke knew full well what she was getting into and as Ed Morrissey said, "If you want your sexual choices to remain private, don’t use the government to force other people to subsidize them."

Before they made the decision to pull their ads, Friend said that "the outcry over Limbaugh is the worst we’ve ever seen."  Well, Dittoheads, let's make the outcry over them dropping Limbaugh the worst they've ever seen!  Here is Carbonite's contact page, and be sure to Tweet them and Facebook them!

This is war.  We lost an amazing leader when Breitbart died, but pieces of him live on in the hearts of millions of us now.  He is still here.

UPDATE: People are having fun with making petitions on

We Petition the Obama Administration to:
and my personal favorite:
UPDATE 2: The Media Research Center has an I Stand With Rush petition that I just signed, please share:

The Petition States:

I stand with Rush Limbaugh and appreciate the massive contribution that he has made to the conservative movement and our nation over the last 25 years. Rush has apologized. But the radical left will never accept it because they despise him and want him off the air. I condemn attempts by radical left-wing organizations and the media to censor Rush and his commonsense conservative message.

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Friday, March 02, 2012

Andrew Breitbart RIP

Like many, when I heard the news of Andrew Breitbart's death, my immediate thought was that it was a stunt by him to see what the reaction would be to his death.  Unfortunately, it was no stunt, it was all too real, with a 43 year old husband and father of 4 gone far too soon.

The amazing thing about Breitbart is that so many have stories about him.  It is a deep loss to the conservative blogging community because he was a friend to us.  In fact, it was practically impossible to have gone to an event he was at like CPAC or RightOnline and NOT have spoken to him at least once.  He really cared about the others with him in the trenches fighting the Left, and he would talk to you like he knew you.

The day before CPAC 2012, he was at my office.  We talked about the Occupyers' plans to disrupt CPAC and as we were talking he was composing a tweet and asking my advice about it.  It was very interesting how he carefully thought about it, going through two or three revisions, changing words, etc.  He wanted to toy with the Occupyers and get them to think a lot more was happening to counter them at CPAC.  So he came up with this tweet:

The next day at CPAC he came into the Citizens United Blogger Briefing on "Occupy Unmasked" with a Guy Fawkes mask and cape, an image which some have told me is one of the last memories they have of Breitbart:

As usual, Breitbart was brilliant, taking down the radical left and Occupy anarchists.  I only wish that I had gotten a picture with him, but stupidly, I thought I'd have plenty of opportunities to in the future.  I will not make that mistake again.  Carpe diem. That's how Breitbart lived.

UPDATE: Get a twibbon here for your Twitter avatar that says #IAmAndrewBreitbart.