Monday, March 10, 2014

5 Sweetest Outfits at CPAC 2014

Nope, this is not a fashionista post, or one dedicated to critiquing risque clothing choices, but a tribute to the wacky and wonderful seen at CPAC! People watching is much more fun than speaker watching, here are the best fashion statements I found at CPAC, for better or worse.

1. In 2013, Steve Schmidt said, “Look, this CPAC convention is increasingly the Star Wars bar scene of the conservative movement. I mean all that’s missing at that convention is a couple of Wookiees."

Well, apparently How Money Walks took that to heart. They brought the Star Wars Cantina to CPAC 2014 - complete with the most famous Wookie - Chewy:

2. Bill Cosby has been known to give some conservative, commonsense advice. Here's one guy's tribute to Dr. Huxtable's sweaters:

3. Sonnie Johnson rocked a blinged out machine gun chain that would give TSA fits:

4. No conservative event is complete without a man dressed as a Founding Father (This is George Washington):

5. And lastly, these two dudes in what looked like American flag boxers, but I have to assume they're really shorts:

H/T to Sam Stein on the pic, I wasn't able to snap one in time before they walked away.

I'm sure I missed some classic outfits, but these are ones I personally saw. Let me know if you saw better!


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