Friday, April 25, 2008

The Sins of the Mothers

As teenage pregnancies soar, meet the thirtysomething grandmothers

It wasn't the life Tara Bailee had in mind. Pregnant at 20, she had to resign herself to growing up quickly and learning about motherhood.

Then, at 36, she became a grandmother.

Her story may sound surprising, but Miss Bailee's is not an isolated case.

As a result of Britain's high teenage pregnancy rate - the worst in Europe - many women are becoming accustomed to looking after their grandchildren while still in their thirties - and without any sign of a husband.

...She is no longer with Rickeita's father. And Rickeita split with her daughter's father.

Pauline Huntingdon can sympathise. She was 34 when her 15-year-old daughter Leanne became pregnant.

Leanne split up with the father. Having children so young has meant the 38-year-old struggled financially and has never travelled abroad.

The new phenomenon raises questions about the social consequences of generations of children being brought up without fathers.

...Norman Wells, of Family and Youth Concern, said: "In previous generations it was not unusual for girls to marry and start having children in their late teens and early twenties, and for women to become grandparents in their late thirties.

"The key difference now is that most teenage pregnancies occur outside marriage and their children frequently lack the involvement of a committed father."

Ah, the destruction of the family unit. Leftists of the world, celebrate, your dreams are coming true!

But what has the dismantlement of marriage, the traditional family and religion gotten us? Not the progressive utopia that was promised, but children with "depression, anxiety, eating disorders and severe anti-social behaviour" and adults who don't know how to be good parents or set boundaries.

A narcissistic, nanny state, whatever-feels-good-is-right culture has wreaked havoc on the newest generations. And on it goes with no end in sight.


Thanks for the Food Crisis, Liberals!

Food prices are going up, people are hungry, riots are starting - all thanks to the liberal environmentalist do-gooders.

NY Sun Food Crisis Starts Eclipsing Climate Change Worries
Gore Ducks, as a Backlash Builds Against Biofuels

The campaign against climate change could be set back by the global food crisis, as foreign populations turn against measures to use foodstuffs as substitutes for fossil fuels.

...One factor being blamed for the price hikes is the use of government subsidies to promote the use of corn for ethanol production. An estimated 30% of America’s corn crop now goes to fuel, not food.

...Ethanol was initially promoted as a vehicle for America to cut back on foreign oil. In recent years, biofuels have also been touted as a way to fight climate change, but the food crisis does not augur well for ethanol’s prospects.

“It takes around 400 pounds of corn to make 25 gallons of ethanol,” Mr. Senauer, also an applied economics professor at Minnesota, said. “It’s not going to be a very good diet but that’s roughly enough to keep an adult person alive for a year.”...

NRO Let Them Eat Ethanol?
Behind the food fight.

It seemed like such a painless solution. It fits on a bumper sticker. In fact, I saw one yesterday: “Don’t burn fuel. Grow it.” The EU adopted a goal of producing 10 percent of its fuel for road transportation from biofuels by 2020. The U.S. government (cheered on by the agriculture industry and environmentalists) adopted a mandate of 36 billion gallons of biofuel production by 2022 — a five-fold increase over 2006 levels amounting to 28 percent of the U.S. grain harvest. Congress and the president joined hands to pass this feel-good legislation just when, as the Wall Street Journal pointed out, new data were demonstrating that biofuels cost more energy than they save. “…When the hidden costs of conversion are included, greenhouse-gas emissions from corn ethanol over the next 30 years will be twice as high as from regular gasoline. In the long term, it will take 167 years before the reduction in carbon emissions from using ethanol ‘pays back’ the carbon released by land-use change.”

Newsweek Sounds Good, But ...
We can't afford to make any more mistakes in how to 'save the planet.' Start by ditching corn ethanol.

...Even hybrid electric cars aren't a clear plus. If your outlet gets its juice from the standard U.S. electricity mix (half of which is generated by burning coal), hybrid electrics emit half the greenhouse gases as standard gasoline cars. But if your utility burns dirty coal inefficiently, hybrid electrics are worse. If you plug in at night, when most people do, you'll also be using more coal-generated electricity. Perhaps the greatest folly, in time lost and dollars wasted, has been the push for ethanol to replace gasoline. In the United States, almost all ethanol comes from corn. When you tote up the carbon emissions caused by clearing land to grow corn, fertilizing it and transporting it, corn ethanol leaves twice the carbon footprint as gasoline.

The greenwashing doesn't end there. Only half of all hybrid vehicles on the U.S. market are more fuel-efficient than their non-hybrid versions, researchers at the Union of Concerned Scientists find: some models pair a big gas-guzzling engine with hybrid technology in a way that enhances only performance, not fuel economy, explains UCS's David Friedman. "Don't assume that because something's a hybrid it's better for the environment," he says (though the Prius is). The Web site sorts out the true greens from the impostors. ...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thanks for the Student Loan Crisis, DEMOCRATS!

Another disastrous liberal policy based on an inability to understand basic market and economic principles hurts the people it's intended to help while lawmakers scramble to cover their behinds. As predicted by conservatives.

Truly outrageous - a must read!

WSJ: Bailout of the Year

Guess who's asking Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for a bailout now? Hint: They are members of an exclusive club who bet wrong on the credit markets last fall. No, it's not a cabal of Wall Streeters, but Democrats in Congress.

We're referring to the "student loan crisis" now appearing in a media outlet near you. In September, Congress vowed to make education more affordable by passing the "College Cost Reduction and Access Act." [Somehow Democrats trying to make things more affordable always ends up making them more expensive] The law reduced the interest rates borrowers pay on federally insured student loans. ...

Convinced that the private lenders who make these loans were reaping too much profit, Congress also cut the yield on each loan. ...But the combination of legislative fiat and fewer investors willing to buy asset-backed securities amid the credit crunch has put the squeeze on lenders.

What's now clear is that Congress didn't merely wring the profits out of student lending. It's blown up the entire student loan market. Market leader Sallie Mae says it now loses money on every new federal education loan. ...

Others can't wait. A third of the nation's top 100 lenders to students in 2007 have temporarily suspended new loan originations or exited the business altogether. Citibank subsidiary Student Loan Corporation cited "unprecedented federal legislation" in announcing its recent withdrawal from much of the market. [Wait, if you take away the profitability of a produce, there is less incentive to provide it? Who'd have guessed!]

Usually, the law of unintended consequences takes so long to reveal itself that no one remembers the culprits. ...

Democrats would thus like to clean up the mess they created before May, when a flood of college-bound seniors will seek loans. But the pols can hardly repeal their autumn blunder mere moments after taking credit for it. No doubt many of them are still sending out taxpayer-financed mail bragging of their "achievement."

The result is that the same man who authored last year's bill to cut lenders' returns has crafted a new bill to subsidize those same lenders. ...

Daniel Akaka, Bob Casey, Tom Carper, Chris Dodd, Tim Johnson, Bob Menendez and Jon Tester are desperately seeking a bureaucrat with a large checkbook to rescue them from their self-made political disaster. ...

The Senators helpfully note in their letter that a virtue of their proposals is that they can be implemented quickly. Indeed, November is just around the corner.

Needless to say, none of this legislative history is appearing in the multiple media sob stories about students who can't get loans. But like airline passengers stranded this month due to panicky inspections, the current student loan "crisis" didn't have to happen. It is entirely a product of Congress.

This PERFECTLY embodies the great Ronald Regan quote:
"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."

Democrats thought the student lenders were getting "too much profit" (moving), so they regulated it. Now that has severely hurt the industry (stops moving), so Democrats want to subsidize it. How about cutting the crap and letting the market work the way it's supposed to?!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Now THAT's Penis Envy!

Penis theft panic hits city

Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men's penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft.

...Purported victims, 14 of whom were also detained by police, claimed that sorcerers simply touched them to make their genitals shrink or disappear, in what some residents said was an attempt to extort cash with the promise of a cure.

...Police arrested the accused sorcerers and their victims in an effort to avoid the sort of bloodshed seen in Ghana a decade ago, when 12 suspected penis snatchers were beaten to death by angry mobs. The 27 men have since been released.

"I'm tempted to say it's one huge joke," Oleko said.

"But when you try to tell the victims that their penises are still there, they tell you that it's become tiny or that they've become impotent. To that I tell them, 'How do you know if you haven't gone home and tried it'," he said.

..."It's real. Just yesterday here, there was a man who was a victim. We saw. What was left was tiny," said 29-year-old Alain Kalala, who sells phone credits near a Kinshasa police station.

[Ever think maybe it was tiny to begin with?]

Primaries: Democrats are only hurting themselves

Operation Chaos, baby!

NYT: Bruising Will Go on for Party, Too

McClatchy: Analysis: Clinton's victory leaves both Dems bruised

WashTimes: Democratic prizefight might knock out party

WaPo: Signs Indicate That Duels May Be Hurting Party

WSJ: Both Democrats Are Looking Like Damaged Goods

Love it! LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

global WARming

I thought this was an excellent response to the current (April 28, 2008) Time magazine cover (pic coming as soon as Blogger fixes the problem with uploading images.) Time cares more about the war on "global warming" (hasn't it been changed to "climate changed" now that it's been proven that temperatures have cooled since 1998?) than the real War on Terror.

Green Politicization of Iwo Jima Photo Condemned by Black Veteran

Washington, D.C. - Kevin L. Martin, a member of the Project 21 black leadership network and a U.S. Navy veteran, is joining fellow veterans in denouncing the Earth Day-related cover art on the April 21 issue of Time magazine.

Time altered the famous flag-raising photo from Iwo Jima is altered to show Marines raising a tree rather than the American flag to highlight an article promoting activism favoring increased regulation to fight perceived man-made global warming.

"For Time to compare the politically-driven hoax about the severity of man-made global warming to one of most pivotal moments in American history is a slap in the face to the brave men who fought their way up Iwo Jima's Mount Suribachi to plant our flag and send a clear message that victory in the long war in the Pacific was achievable," said Martin. "To callously use a famous military image so important to our nation's veterans with seemingly no concern for its impact on them shows just how far those promoters of this hoax will go." ...

"It is a shame that Time magazine is belittling the heroism of our World War II veterans to push for policies that may bring back unhappy homefront memories of that era such as food and energy rationing," added Project 21's Martin. "There has yet to be a real scientific debate on the contributions of man to any sort of global warming. The crusade by environmental activists and the willing complicity of media such as Time magazine is resulting in misguided policies. Reducing of production and exploration in the short run is going to raise prices and limit access to resources, while risky long-term schemes such as biofuels will pit stomachs against gas tanks. Is it also lost on Time that the war in the Pacific was based in part on access to energy resources?"

From the Heartland Institute's global warming page:

More than 19,000 basic and applied American scientists, two-thirds with advanced degrees, have signed the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine's Global Warming Petition, which says in part, "There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate."

Today's Funny Overheards

Can I Play, Too?
Worried manager: What are you doing over there? Sounds like you are playing with Legos. Dear God, you are!

Hartford, Connecticut
via Overheard in the Office, Apr 22, 2008

Other Cities Just Say They're the Greatest in the World
Frat tourist guy: Hey! I just hailed a New York City cab!
New Yorker, jumping into cab: I just stole your cab!

--Bleecker & Hudson

Overheard by: sean
via Overheard in New York, Apr 22, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Abortion as art

Original 4/17/08 1:34pm:
This girl is clearly deeply, DEEPLY disturbed and sick.

For senior, abortion a medium for art, political discourse

Beginning next Tuesday, Shvarts will be displaying her senior art project, a documentation of a nine-month process during which she artificially inseminated herself “as often as possible” while periodically taking abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriages. Her exhibition will feature video recordings of these forced miscarriages as well as preserved collections of the blood from the process.

The goal in creating the art exhibition, Shvarts said, was to spark conversation and debate on the relationship between art and the human body. But her project has already provoked more than just debate, inciting, for instance, outcry at a forum for fellow senior art majors held last week. And when told about Shvarts’ project, students on both ends of the abortion debate have expressed shock — saying the project does everything from violate moral code to trivialize abortion.

But Shvarts insists her concept was not designed for “shock value.”

“I hope it inspires some sort of discourse,” Shvarts said. “Sure, some people will be upset with the message and will not agree with it, but it’s not the intention of the piece to scandalize anyone.”


Obviously this is a cry for help. This girl is suffering, possibly from a past abortion, and someone from Yale needs to step in and get her professional help instead of attributing this warped behavior to creativity and "art."

(On a side note, whenever I hear of beyond-ridiculous modern art pieces, I am always tempted to quit my job and smear feces on a lit Christmas tree or pour milk in a box, let it curdle and spoil, then submit it to art competitions where I will win numerous awards and sell pieces of shit for millions of dollars. Maybe someday...)

UPDATE 1 - 4/17/08 10:10pm

Yale: Student's Art Project Only 'Creative Fiction'

"Ms. Shvarts is engaged in performance art," a Yale spokeswoman, Helaine Klaski, said. "She stated to three senior Yale University officials today, including two deans, that she did not impregnate herself and that she did not induce any miscarriages. The entire project is an art piece, a creative fiction designed to draw attention to the ambiguity surrounding form and function of a woman’s body."

Ms. Klasky went on to suggest that Yale would not have permitted a project of the sort described in the student newspaper. "Had these acts been real, they would have violated basic ethical standards and raised serious mental and physical health concerns."

Phew! My faith in humanity has been restored . . . for now . . .

UPDATE 2 - 4/18/08 11:20am

I am confused

Shvarts, Yale clash over project

...But while Shvarts stood by her project and claimed that administrators had backed her before the planned exhibition attracted national condemnation, the university dismissed it as nothing more than a piece of fiction.

...But in an interview later Thursday afternoon, Shvarts defended her work and called the University’s statement “ultimately inaccurate.” She reiterated that she engaged in the nine-month process she publicized on Wednesday in a press release that was first reported in the News: repeatedly using a needleless syringe to insert semen into herself, then taking abortifacient herbs at the end of her menstrual cycle to induce bleeding. Thursday evening, in a tour of her art studio, she shared with the News video footage she claimed depicted her attempts at self-induced miscarriages.

No one can say with 100-percent certainty that anything in the piece did or did not happen,” Shvarts said, adding that she does not know whether she was ever pregnant. “The nature of the piece is that it did not consist of certainties.”

Told of Shvarts’ comments, the University fired back. In a statement issued just before midnight on Thursday, Klasky told the News that Shvarts had vowed that if the University revealed her admission, “she would deny it.”

Her denial is part of her performance,” Klasky wrote in an e-mail message. “We are disappointed that she would deliberately lie to the press in the name of art.”

Thursday, April 17, 2008

LOL Overheards

It's More Like a Museum of Strangers' Poo, Honey
Little girl, inside port-a-potty: Mommy! Mommy!
Mommy: Just be quiet and go potty.
Little girl: Mommy, do you know what it feels like in here? It's like a little house where I'll always be protected.

Renaissance Festival

Overheard by: Nancy Whiskey
via Overheard Everywhere, Apr 15, 2008

I Mean Geraniums!
Woman #1: Where did you go to college?
Woman #2: University of Cape Town.
Woman #1: Oh, is that in Virginia?
Woman #2: No, it's actually in South Africa.
Woman #1: Ohhhh, sorry, I'm bad with geometry.
Woman #2: ...
Woman #1: I mean geology!

Overheard by: Actually, that was my mom.
via Overheard Everywhere, Apr 15, 2008

If Ned Flanders Had Sired a Girl
Dad: So, your school called today, honey, and do you know what they said?
Six-year-old girl: No, what?
Dad: That they have to check everyone in your class tomorrow for lice!
Six-year-old girl: Hoorayyyyyy!!

--West 4th St Platform

Overheard by: Jess
via Overheard in New York, Apr 15, 2008

You're Not a Lesbian, Are You?
Two-year-old girl runs up to Indian Sikh with grey beard and purple turban.
Toddler: Santa! Look mommy, Santa! Hi Santa!
Mom: She ... Likes your hat.

--Lillian's Pizza, Forest Hills

Overheard by: Ethan
via Overheard in New York, Apr 13, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Enforcement works again

And WHY does Chertoff have to defend finally enforcing the law?!

Chertoff Defends Immigration Enforcement

In an interview with The Associated Press, Chertoff said this week that the rising complaints from businesses offer some evidence the Bush administration's approach is working.

"This is harsh but accurate proof positive that, for the first time in decades, we've succeeded in changing the dynamic and (are) actually beginning to reduce illegal immigration," Chertoff said. "Unfortunately, unless you counterbalance that with a robust system to allow people to come in temporarily and legally, you're going to wind up with an economic problem."

... Chertoff sharply criticized businesses that complain the crackdowns on their hiring of illegal immigrants will cost them money. In a federal court case last year, groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce argued that the department had failed to account for the economic impact of new regulations on businesses.

The argument "basically suggests we can't enforce the law because it will prevent people from making money illegally," Chertoff said. "The business community loves it (hiring illegal immigrants) because you have illegals, you pay them less, they have no place to go to complain."

Good to hear this from Chertoff, who is normally pro-amnesty.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dick Cheney Eyes a Naked Woman

Here's a funny picture that's been making the rounds on the web:

Doesn't it look like there's a naked woman reflected in Dick Cheney's sunglasses?!

McClatchy gets to the bottom of it:
Is that really a naked woman in Dick Cheney's sunglasses?

So McClatchy/Tribune Information Services photo editor George Bridges used the latest digital technology to enlarge the picture, took a close look at Cheney's sunglasses and concluded that Mitchell was telling the truth.

The image is of the vice president's hand on his fly rod.

"In one lens of his sunglasses you can clearly tell it is a sleeved arm of Cheney or a fishing companion. The other lens has an extreme distortion that, without looking at it closely, could be misconstrued," said investigative photo editor Bridges.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No more monkeys jumping on the . . . tree!

This is just INSANE!!!

Obama Delegate Resigns After Remark

An Illinois delegate for Democratic Sen. Barack Obama resigned after using the word "monkeys" to describe black children playing in a tree, the Obama campaign said Tuesday.

Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski, a trustee in the Chicago suburb of Carpentersville, was issued a $75 ticket for disorderly conduct after neighbors complained to police. She says the word wasn't meant racially and she will fight the ticket.

"Given the incident, Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski is stepping down as a delegate and will be replaced," said Obama spokeswoman Amy Brundage.

The incident occurred Saturday, when two children were playing in a tree next door to Ramirez-Sliwinski's house.

She said the parents were outside supervising the children, but she went over and told them to get out of the tree because she was concerned about the boys' safety and because the small magnolia tree was being damaged.

The father of one of the boys told her it was none of her business, she told the Chicago Tribune, and "I calmly said the tree is not there for them to be climbing in there like monkeys."

The mother of one boy called police.

Cmdr. Michael Kilbourne said Tuesday a ticket was issued because the ordinance bans conduct that disturbs or alarms people. One of the boys told police he was scared by her comment and a mother said she was disturbed, he said.

I understand that the word "monkey" can be used in a derogatory way toward African Americans, but considering the context - children playing in TREES - that does not seem to be the intent. Unless there is way more to the story than is reported this hardly seems like "conduct that disturbs or alarms people." First of all, it's language, not conduct, and second of all, it seems like the woman could have called the police on the family because the safety of the children and the health of the tree disturbed and alarmed her.

On top of that, who the heck calls the POLICE after a brief verbal confrontation with a neighbor?! What kind of policeman actually issues a TICKET?! And what kind of a community allows the thought police to fine free speech?! INSANITY!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Baby Polar Bear Cuteness!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!

Polar bear cub Snowflake prepares for media debut

On Tuesday, the almost-four-month-old polar bear baby from Nuremberg will find her home invaded by camera teams and coiffed TV reporters commenting on her every move. Several German broadcasters as well as CNN and Japan's Fuji TV will be at Nuremberg's zoo to record Snowflake's first steps in her open-air enclosure.

Up to now, the only images of her were recordings from the bear nursery, which is not open to the public.

"It will be the biggest media spectacle that Nuremberg has ever seen," said Alexandra Foghammer, who works for the city. So far, 360 journalists and photographers have registered to be there when Snowflake makes her public debut.

"We're about to become Snowflake TV," said Matthias Bolhöfer, a spokesman for the broadcaster RTL.

...It remains to be seen whether Snowflake will become a similar phenomenon or if the public will exhibit cub fatigue. Media organizations appear to be banking on the former.

More baby polar bear pics - in the wild


Indian Thumbelina

A teenager from India who stands at a tiny 1ft 11in (58cm) tall is the smallest girl in the world.

Jyoti Amge, 14, is shorter than the average two-year-old child and only weighs 11lb (5kg).

She has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia and won't grow any taller than her current height.

Due to her size, Jyoti has to have clothes and jewellery made for her. She sleeps in a tiny bed and uses special plates and cutlery to eat, as normal-sized utensils are too big.

Despite this, she goes to a regular school in Nagpur, central India, where she has her own small desk and chair, and her classmates treat her like any other student.

Just Two Consenting Adults


Father and daughter have a baby together after 30-year separation

A father and daughter confessed on television last night to spending seven years in a sexual relationship and conceiving two children.

Jenny Deaves told how she was reunited with her long-lost father, John, 30 years after he left her mother.

She was 31 when they met again but instead of a normal father-daughter relationship, they fell in love.

As their own marriages failed, they became intimate.

"John and I are in this relationship as consenting adults," Jenny told Australia's 60 Minutes programme last night.

"We are just asking for a little bit of respect and understanding."

They showed their nine-month-old daughter Celeste, who appeared fit and healthy - although their first child died of a congenital disease within days of birth. Jenny, who has two children from a previous relationship, is now 39.

She said that soon after reuniting with John she saw him as a man first and her father second.

"I was looking at him, sort of going, oh, he's not too bad," she said. "Like you might look at a man across the bar at a nightclub."

Mr Deaves 61, who lives with his daughter in the town of Mount Gambier, South Australia, admitted he "initially" thought having sex with her was wrong, but "emotions took over".

"I knew it was illegal, of course I knew, but you know, so what," he said.

Jenny said the physical relationship with her father was like "a sexual relationship with any other man". Mr Deaves said it was "absolutely fantastic".

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Shortages, waiting lists and strain - Oh, my!

Just as conservatives and anyone who actually understands economics have always said, universal health care and the resulting sharp increases in demand lead to shortages and long waiting lists for the supply of doctors.

In Massachusetts, Universal Coverage Strains Care DUH!

...Surely, they suggest to Dr. Katherine J. Atkinson, a family physician here, she might find a way to move them up her lengthy waiting list for new patients.

Those fortunate enough to make it soon learn they face another long wait: Dr. Atkinson’s next opening for a physical is not until early May — of 2009.

...Now in Massachusetts, in an unintended consequence of universal coverage, the imbalance is being exacerbated by the state’s new law requiring residents to have health insurance.

...Dr. Patricia A. Sereno, state president of the American Academy of Family Physicians, said an influx of the newly insured to her practice in Malden, just north of Boston, had stretched her daily caseload to as many as 22 to 25 patients, from 18 to 20 a year ago. To fit them in, Dr. Sereno limits the number of 45-minute physicals she schedules each day, thereby doubling the wait for an exam to three months.

“It’s a recipe for disaster,” Dr. Sereno said. “It’s great that people have access to health care, but now we’ve got to find a way to give them access to preventive services. The point of this legislation was not to get people episodic care.”

...“It is a fundamental truth — which we are learning the hard way in Massachusetts — that comprehensive health care reform cannot work without appropriate access to primary care physicians and providers,” Dr. Bruce Auerbach, the president-elect of the Massachusetts Medical Society, told Congress in February.

Jon M. Kingsdale, executive director of the agency that oversees the Massachusetts initiative, said he had not heard of major problems, but acknowledged “the prospect of a severe shortage” as newly insured patients seek care in doctors’ offices rather than emergency rooms. ...


Thursday, April 03, 2008


My dad has always railed against the "64 oz. of water" a day theory. He actually went to UPenn. (where this study was done) and said he learned there that there was a study that said humans need about 64 oz. of water in their diet per day - but that meant water coming from fruits, veggies, etc. included - and it was misinterpreted to mean we need 64 oz. of drinking water a day ever since.

Research debunks health value of guzzling water

The notion that guzzling glasses of water to flood yourself with good health is all wet, researchers said on Wednesday.

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and Dr. Dan Negoianu of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia reviewed the scientific literature on the health effects of drinking lots of water.

People in hot, dry climates and athletes have an increased need for water, and people with certain diseases do better with increased fluid intake, they found. But for average healthy people, more water does not seem to mean better health, they said.

Their scientific review, published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, is the latest to undercut the recommendations advanced by some experts to drink eight glasses of 8 ounces (225 ml) of water a day.

Dr. Heinz Valtin of Dartmouth Medical School in 2002 also put those recommendations to the test, finding them to be more urban myth than medical dogma and lacking in scientific basis.