Monday, July 15, 2013

Seeing the Pro-Life Generation in Austin

Last week I went to Austin with Students for Life of America.  SFLA spans more than 750 pro-life groups on high school and university campuses across the country. These students are the pro-life generation. They are more pro-life than any other generation, their parents or grandparents, because they've seen the reality of abortion, whether it be the humanity of the pre-born in the womb via ultrasound, or the bloody pictures of aborted babies, or friends and family who have been harmed by abortion.

But in Austin I saw an even younger pro-life generation. Children, no more than 10 years old, were there smiling and holding pro-life signs full of hope as an abortion battle raged on over a pro-life bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks and increase safety standards for abortions.

It was hard to see these kids amidst the the hatred and vulgarity of the pro-abortion mob. But it was also inspiring to have them there as a reminder of what we are fighting for.  We are fighting for a culture of life for these children. We can still change things for these little ones when they become teenagers and young adults, so that they aren't faced with the same destructive lies about abortion being a quick and easy fix that we dealt with.

That little girl I saw in the line to the gallery clutching her baby doll with an "Abortion Hurts" sticker – I don't ever want her to feel the pain and victimization of abortion. I don't want her think that's her only choice and all she deserves. I want her to love herself and see that there's so much more to her than just her reproductive organs, as the pro-"choice" women reduced themselves to in the Texas Capitol Building.  I want her to respect herself and demand the respect from men that she deserves.  And if she finds herself in an unplanned or troubled pregnancy, I want abortion to be unthinkable because she has all the support and resources she needs to proudly bring life into this world.

That little boy I saw in the rotunda with the red LIFE tape over his mouth – I don't ever want him to become "bro-choice" - supporting abortion for his own selfish sexual desires. I don't want him taking advantage of women and pushing them to get abortions. I want him to grow up loving, supporting, and respecting women.  And if he ever faces a crisis pregnancy, I want him to stand up and do whatever it takes to support and love his child for the rest of his life.

How sad is it that my dreams and wishes for these children will be scoffed at by some and treated as draconian by others.  But standing in the Capitol in Austin last week, I saw that future and the future we are fighting for: A true pro-life generation that abolishes abortion and replaces it with a culture of Life.  I saw the future in Austin. That future starts now.