Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Susan G. Komen for the WIN: What Planned Parenthood doesn't want you to know

UPDATE 2/3: Komen reverses.  All my criticism of their past support of Planned Parenthood stands, my new support is withdrawn, and Planned Parenthood remains, as it always has been, evil.

Original post:

Yesterday people who want the best for women and their health rejoiced at the announcement that Susan G. Komen for the Cure was ending it's relationship with Planned Parenthood

Because of their past support of an organization that not only commits abortion but also hides child sex abuse, engages in Medicare fraud, and wastes my taxpayer money, I had never been able to give to Komen for the Cure.  For the first time I can support Komen for the Cure and I'm so happy to add them to the anti-cancer charities that I give to!  Please join me in donating to Komen HERE.

I am so grateful that Komen is no longer letting their money support such a criminal organization.  They've stopped enabling the victimization of poor, uninsured women, unborn babies, and abuse victims at Planned Parenthood. Now they can focus on sending their anti-cancer donations to legitimate organizations that save lives instead of killing them by the millions.  Komen can support groups that actually perform mammograms - unlike abortion giant Planned Parenthood that only refers women elsewhere for life saving mammograms.

Predictably Planned Parenthood wing-nuts went crazy over this sensible decision.  To the Planned Parenthood useful idiots crying "shame, shame" on Komen for the Cure for cutting off ties with the biggest abortion business in the country, I say, "Shame on Komen for not cutting ties with Planned Parenthood earlier!"

Clearly all the people who went to Facebook and Twitter to condemn Komen, pledge to never support them again and give money directly to Planned Parenthood instead were just radical Planned Parenthood cultists who were never interested in helping fight breast cancer but only in laundering money to Planned Parenthood.  Why would ANYONE give money to Komen with the intention of helping Planned Parenthood??  If these people actually did that, they were fools and now they're just cutting out the middleman in donating directly to PP, which they should have been doing anyway. And shame on them for choosing pushing abortion over fighting breast cancer.

Now, aside from Planned Parenthood being a Big Abortion business that aborts a baby every 96 seconds - fine, I get that some people are ok with this destruction of innocent human life - that's not even Komen's reason for cutting ties. PP is under under Congressional investigation for a multitude of crimes - which should concern ALL sides of the political spectrum.

How serious are these charges?  U.S. News and World Report's Washington Whispers reports:
New charges from seven former workers—including a self-described "abortion doctor"—that Planned Parenthood used federal money for abortions despite prohibitions is expected to fire up Republicans seeking to shut off tax dollars to the massive family planning group.

In a letter to the House committee investigating Planned Parenthood, the seven former workers also charged that they have witnessed staffers fail to notify parents when a minor sought an abortion, failed to provide a women undergoing an abortion with "accurate and relevant information" regarding the stage of her pregnancy, or detect and act upon instances were a female was brought to a clinic under coercion, possibly even human trafficking.

...The committee is probing allegations that Planned Parenthood is misusing taxpayer funds, which the seven pegged at $1 million a day in state and federal support. In opening his investigation, Florida Republican Rep. Cliff Stearns recently demanded documents related to audits, abortion-funding, and policies on reporting sexual abuse from Planned Parenthood.
Unfortunately Planned Parenthood devotees don't care about any of this, no matter how many women, children, and families are hurt.

Here are some of my posts about the disgusting practices of Planned Parenthood:

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Update: Americans United for Life documents the known and alleged abuses by Planned Parenthood has even more headlines.

On covering up sex abuse, including on children, incest victims, and sex trafficking:

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Engaging in fraud:

Massive Fraud Case Against Planned Parenthood Moving Forward

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UPDATE 2/2: - Komen GETS it, they know all the huff about ending their $700,000 contribution to a big abortion business with $1.1 BILLION in revenues is just BS:
Komen supporters accuse Planned Parenthood of milking Komen’s decision to generate a fund-raising bonanza.
Why are they going nuts?” Mr. Raffaelli [a Komen board member] asked rhetorically. “And the answer is that they want to raise money, and they’re doing it at the expense of a humanitarian organization that shares their goals and has given them millions of dollars over the years.”(via NYT)
That's all that is important to Planned Parenthood - money. That's why they go around like Chicken Little shrieking that MILLIONS OF POOR WOMEN WILL DIE IN THE STREETS!!!!!111!!! if they get a tiny fraction of their budget defunded so they can shake the pockets of their gullible fanatics.  Pure lies, just to keep the blood money rolling in.  Disgusting!

UPDATE 2/5: In trying to put all the blame for defunding Planned Parenthood on Komen VP Karen Handel, liberal HuffPo surprisingly includes information on PP's oppressive, thuggish, and even violent tactics:
The backlash against Komen was intense, including threats of violence, angry letters from members of Congress and public rebukes from political figures such as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The charity struggled to deal with the pressure, especially in a face-off against Planned Parenthood, an organization whose fine-tuned political team has experience in these high-pitched, high-stakes debates.
"Komen is a great group, but politically speaking, they're no match for Planned Parenthood."
But as a result of her efforts, Komen has been left reeling and its reputation as a top charity endangered. "We're under attack. We're getting threats of violence," the source said. "It's devastating."
So,  the biggest abortion business in the country, with a budget of $1.1  BILLION, that doesn't even provide mammograms, just got its supporters to destroy a breast cancer charity with a $400 million budget over the loss of less than $700,000 in grants, some of which were not even defunded?  Disgusting.  Again, Planned Parenthood is evil.


LaNeshe said...

I think Planned Parenthood get's a misconstrued reputation. There are thousands of women without insurance who depend on Planned Parenthood for basic GYNO care, breast exams and birth control. I think we're throwing the baby out with the bathwater if we don't recognize the impact they have on so many women who have no other choice for health care.

Anonymous said...

They provide abortion services to less than 10% of the people they serve. I do understand that can cloud your judgement about the company as a whole but endangering the lives of low income women by limiting their ability to access free healthcare is no better. A woman was a baby at some point. At what age do we stop caring about their lives?

John Walsh said...

That statistic is a lie. It is MUCH greater than 10%. However, THEY have construed the numbers so that, for instance, a service which is not actually a performed abortion is not considered "abortion services". There is plenty of information out there regarding this, and I'm sure you can use the power of the internet to do that. Regardless, Planned Parenthood is NOT the only provider of all of these other things, and women have many other options. Again, the millions of babies murdered ever year by this child-killing organization cannot be pushed aside for these other forms of care. Planned Parenthood is a business who makes money via taxpayers, insurance companies, and the women themselves to perform abortions. It is not ever acceptable to do this based on the other "services" provided.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with LaNeshe. And what is this "millions" number the anon commenter comes up with? You make it sound like PP is dragging women off of the street, forcing them to end their pregnancies. If you honestly believe that without Planned Parenthood women would suddenly stop ending an unwanted pregnancy, you're living in a fantasy. It's been going on since the beginning of human history. I often look at the anti-choice movement and wonder how much they could accomplish if they instead used their energy to care an iota for children *outside* of the womb.

LaNeshe said...

I often see people comment that women have other options for care outside of planned parenthood. This is easy to say from a position of privilege. Not everyone is in a city with plenty of free clinics. Speaking for myself after college which offered free health services, and before I got married and acquired insurance, I didn't have any other place to go for gyno exams and free birth control but Planned Parenthood.... I agree with the 2nd Anonymous commenter on seemingly forgetting about the women once they are no longer babies.

Anonymous said...

Planned Parenthood kills babies for 10% of their customers.

I guess we should look the other way then? Ok then. At what percentage should I be outraged?

Anonymous said...

They don't murder babies. Casey Anthony murders babies. They help mothers who cannot care for their unborn children who are still fetuses at the time of abortion. I d rather see women abort their fetuses then abuse or even kill their living breathing children. Shame on Susan g Komen and shame on you for writing this article.

Anonymous said...

@ La Neshe and others... Regardless of how you feel about the issue, Planned Parenthood is NOT the only place to obtain free breast exams and free/low cost birth control. They are just the most branded and well known. And don't forget, PPH does NOT do Mammograms, which I think they had claimed to do which also became a SGK upset last year. Breast exams and PAP Smears are available MANY places.

dalriadane said...

When did we return to 1950? What's next the Catholic Inquisition? It's trendy for teenage girls to have babies out of wedlock (remember that term) and I just read about a couple who caged one child that had Down's Syndrome and a body of another child was just buried in their yard.

More and more children will be abused over time and hard earned women's rights are going to the hands of the big corporations.

Susan G. Komen was corrupt long before this.

Erick Brockway said...

difed"When did we return to 1950? What's next the Catholic Inquisition? It's trendy for teenage girls to have babies out of wedlock (remember that term) and I just read about a couple who caged one child that had Down's Syndrome and a body of another child was just buried in their yard."

And because of Komen, women will now "go back to using coat hangers in back alleys" I suppose will be next?

To those on the left who are freaking out and destroying everything colored pink; nowhere does Komen say the funding is gone forever. Planned Parenthood is currently under investigation for allegedly using federal money to perform abortion, which whether you like it or not, is illegal.

To those on the right saying "yay!"; nowhere does Komen say this is a permanent thing. Go to their site and say "thank you" by giving money today. Planned Parenthood supposedly made a ton of money in the last few days because of donations, Komen (if you approve of their actions) should be rewarded.

Also, expect them go eventually cave from the pressure of the leftists and the liberals who follow them.

Todd P. said...

Regardless of the abortion issue, you make a great point...if people want to see money go to Planned Parenthood, why give it to Susan G. Komen for the Cure and not Planned Parenthood directly? If people want to support breast cancer awareness, research and treatment, give to Susan G. Komen. If they want to support the range of services Planned Parenthood provides, give to them. It makes no sense though to give to one only to expect them to turn around and give it to the other.

It's like the stupid system we have in government where we send our money to the state or federal government and hope and pray that it will come back to us for local needs.

Anonymous said...

I am pro choice bc I do believe that there are circumstances that would lead to an abortion and I don't think a woman should be forced to follow through with a pregnancy from the moment of conception, because it IS still her body. That being said, I completely agree planned parenthood is less about actual planning than it is about abortion....margaret sanger actually started this awful organization to decrease the population of people she found undesirable. pp offers NO alternatives to abortion and no counseling before or after and they offer young ladies nothing but contraceptives and condoms. They do not have parenting classes and they don't offer guidance services to troubled youth. How they are encouraging parenthood or planning anything is a mystery to me. They should be working hand in hand with every adoption agency they can find, if they did there would be many, many abortions prevented and many families who desperately want a child would have one. doctors could change their attitudes, as well. I had surgery that removed that biggest part of my cervix and my doctor recommended I "terminate" my pregnancy bc he said I had a high chance of miscarriage. I took that risk, it was my first child and I didn't see the logic of giving up on the pregnancy that hastily, and my daughter was premature but healthy. But think how many young women (i was 21) would have just given up right then? high abortion rates are a symptom of a much larger problem and part of that problem is planned parenthood

Anonymous said...

Great article. People who say they are for womens rights yet still support pp aren't paying attention. Women who are in this position need better services than pp provides.

Anonymous said...

And now that the "Anointed One" has made birth control pills mandatory for everyone, there is no damn reason to fund this organization that murders a baby every 97 seconds.
The gyno breast exam angle is for the dummies who do not do any research and are puppets for their political persuasion. Most of the work for PP is murderous. Period.

LaNeshe said...

Well, Susan G. Komen announced today that they have revised their funding guidelines, allowing for continued funding support to Planned Parenthood.

Unknown said...

I agree with LaNesha, but I also wonder anymore, when they say NO federal money goes toward abortions, is that true? I think PP has an important function, so if you can't point me to facts that defunct this, please do.

I'm disgusted by their bullying of Komen.