Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Planned Parenthood Exploits Minors

How sick to think that Planned Parenthood workers are so eager to facilitate minors exercising their "reproductive freedom" to abort that they don't consider or care that these trafficked and abused children have been stripped of any real reproductive freedom - to choose whether or not to engage in sexual activity - and are being raped and exploited.

To Planned Parenthood, getting a quick buck off of their minor victims is more important than their health or safety.

Big Abortion values "access," (i.e. as many clinics as possible to rake in the dough) above all else and is willing to tolerate abuses so long as their larger goals are met.

They'd rather have dirty, dangerous abortion mills in operation than have these clinics submit to government health inspections and regulations that would put them out of business. They'd rather help exploited child prostitutes get secret abortions than report abuse to authorities and scare other potential predator customers away.

After all, choosing to help women and children would be bad for business and, in the end, Big Abortion is big business. One that the government should not be funding with our tax dollars.
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WAGNER: Planned Parenthood: A culture of sexploitation

Group takes federal money while ignoring laws against exploitation of minors

Under the federal anti-trafficking law, any juvenile younger than 18 who is subjected to commercial sexual exploitation is a victim of human trafficking - a victim of modern-day slavery. Under our legal system, no child can consent to engage in prostitution. Similarly, no children who are trapped in a situation of commercial sexual exploitation can give informed consent to undergo an abortion or receive a regime of contraception because of the trauma and manipulation to which they are subjected routinely and constantly. Yet the health care providers in these videos appear all too eager to sign up juvenile victims for both abortions and contraceptives.
To subject a juvenile victim of commercial sexual exploitation to either an abortion or contraception has only one purpose: to sustain her exploitation, and only one beneficiary: the trafficker/pimp. This is why the Live Action videos are so revealing and so shocking. They show health care professionals, employed by a national organization receiving taxpayer funds, who not only do not fulfill their obligation to report to authorities these potential cases of child abuse, but actually are willing to facilitate that abuse.
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UPDATE: WAAAAAAAH Most Virginia abortion clinics can't meet new health and safety standards and will have to close!  BOO HOO

What does this say about these clinics?

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