Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Polar cub update - w/ new cute pic!

Berlin Zoo rallied to the defense of Knut, a three-month-old polar bear cub, Tuesday, rejecting demands that the animal be allowed to die after being abandoned by its mother.

The fate of "cuddly Knut" has gripped the German capital since his birth in December. Rejected by his mother Tosca, the cub was adopted by a zookeeper who moved into the animal's enclosure to care for him round the clock.

Some animal rights campaigners think this will humanize the bear too much and want the zoo to stop saving young animals.

"Hand-rearing a polar bear is not appropriate and is a serious violation of animal rights," Bild newspaper quoted animal rights campaigner Frank Albrecht as saying.

"In fact, the cub should have been killed," he added.

... Knut has become an unofficial Berlin city mascot and has even had his picture taken by photographer Annie Leibovitz as part of a new climate change campaign.

How ironic, he's the poster-bear for environmentalist whackos and they still want him killed! This really shows the true colors of these "animal rights" activists! It's better for the cub to be dead than to have his "animal rights" violated?!

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Anonymous said...

I hope I never understand why people will argue that animals should be put to death instead of living (possibly long and fruitful) lives.

What really kills me is that they are animal-rights activists. It's okay to kill it, so long as you don't dissect it or eat it afterwards - i.e. killing for its own sake?