Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beware the Phantom Pooper

Phantom Pooper Has City & Businesses Disgusted

A phantom pooper is taking a squat in the back of one Idaho Falls neighborhood.

"If the wind blows in that area, you can smell it through our back door."

"I'd like to catch the person, you know. I think it's disgusting."

Here's the scoop on the poop. The city has gotten so many calls about the phantom pooper that they've set up a pooper stake out to see if they could catch him doing his business.

"From what I understand, they still haven't caught him yet even though they've staked out and sat and watched. They still haven't caught up with him yet."

Here are the clues to the phantom poopers identity as we know them. His preferential place to leave a log is under the Lindsey Boulevard Overpass.

He fancies himself a Rembrandt.

"You know I don't know why they want to finger paint with it but you know, ah, leave your mark and go."

He does leave his mark, and he certainly goes, and goes and goes, and he even uses toilet paper.


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