Monday, November 03, 2008

How to Survive Election Day

...without feeling like you're taking crazy pills!

The best advice I can give is to turn off your tv, computer, and radio (unless you're listening to Rush) for the next 24 hours and focus on one thing: getting to your polling place and voting McCain.

Nothing that the media can say before the polls close means anything.  It's all speculation - pro-Obama speculation based on skewed polls at that.  Republicans are historically underrepresented in election and exit polls - plus many Republicans will lie and say they voted Obama, while many Democrats will lie and say they're Republicans or Independents who voted Obama.  Polls mean nothing, it's the votes that count.  We can still turn this thing around!

The media want Obama to win - you know it and I know it.  So don't torture yourself watching their spin - it is meant to depress and demoralize you so that you give up and don't bother voting.  They'll tell you how bad it looks for McCain and that it will be an early night - maybe inexperienced Obama voters won't go to the polls, but don't let that be you!

They'll tell you about record turnout in heavily Democratic areas - don't listen: they say this every year and this year many Democrats may vote their gut and vote McCain.  They'll talk about court orders to keep Democratic strong hold polls open late - again this happens every year and what can we do about it?  They'll call races too close to call for Obama - people on the West Coast do not pay attention, get out there and vote McCain no matter how it looks, your vote is important, too!

There will be plenty of time to freak out once the votes start coming in if Obama wins, why stress the whole day over nothing?  For your sanity and nerves, stay away from the media until 7 or 8pm - or later if you can stand it - and VOTE MCCAIN!

"Don't give up, don't ever give up." - Jimmy V.


whall said...

I'm with you - the polls always lean democratic and since when has a poll ever been accurate?

Karen said...

I'm planning on a complete media fast tomorrow. We don't watch tv here anyway, but I've decided it won't be good for my health to keep refreshing "The Corner", either.

I may make an exception for Rush.

Nothing matters now but voting - no matter what any story, any poll, or any pundit say.

Anonymous said...

Well put. Thank you! Let's go everyone! VOTE VOTE VOTE for McCain!!!!

Chuck said...

You summed it up nicely, get out and vote. There's talk that with the early voting, we may not know until tomorrow who won.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Still hiding in media blackout? Now you can see how a government is successfully run. Take notes and remember how far we fell with Bush taking over the past 8 years. Even if Obama doesn't deliver all he promises, how could it possibly be worse than what we've had??