Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Joe Biden is an Idiot, Part 385,734

On CBS News last week, Biden was at his bumbling best. First, a woman asked for specific details of how the bill will help small businesses like hers. Biden couldn't really answer, so he first tells her to call his office directly - yeah, I'm sure his staff is just standing by ready to walk us all through how the bill will affect us each individually. And then he proceeds to say maybe "the bridge going across the creek to get to her business needs repair." Oh, yeah, that's why businesses are failing, because people can't cross bodies of water to get to them! What an idiot!

If you need a bridge, call Biden:

Biden also has a "series of tubes" moment when he doesn't know the url for "You know, I'm embarassed. You know the website number?"

Call him up on that website, and he'll help you get a bridge across the creek to your business:

In that same interview, Biden made the claim, in responding to Gov. Bobby Jindal, that Louisiana was losing 400 jobs a day. Turns out LA and DC were the 2 only states or districts that gained jobs in December.

KSLA, a local affiliate in LA has the story: Reality check for Vice President Joe Biden:

Man, I miss having a competent Vice President!

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joshtaber said...

LOL. I just started watching the first video and can't help but laugh out loud at his RIDICULOUS response to this small business owner. The absurd notion that she might have laid off here staff because customers couldn't get to her business because of damaged bridges and roads. REALLY!!! OMB (Oh my Bama!) This is crazy. Goes to show they don't have answers and have no idea how to get this economy back on track. He's one lost VP.

Chuck said...

385,734. That's a lot of posts. The man is a luagh a minute.

adagioforstrings said...

385,734 mistakes? Is that just over his vice presidential tenure, or over his entire career in public office?

re: url's somewhat hypocritical of the Dems who attacked McCain because he alllegedly didn't use a computer. Biden obviously doesn't know how to use a computer with such a statement & yet he gets a pass. I guess he was too busy remembering FDR's 1929 television presidential address...