Friday, May 01, 2009

Dr. Obama's prescription for swine flu

Obama on swine flu:

Keep your hands washed. Cover your mouth when you cough ... Stay home from work if you are sick. Keep your children home from school if they are sick.

Isn't this kinda like his "solution" to our oil problem?

Making sure your tires are properly inflated, simple thing, but we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tune-ups.

What an inspirational leader!


FlimFlam said...

What would you like him to say? If John McCain was president right now what would you like him to say? Obama gave sound advice. That's have germs and viruses are spread. Would you rather he said, "PANIC! Fucking panic! The end is nigh! The end is motherfucking nigh!"

You're really reaching here. And for a girl of your puffy, doughy stature that's impressive.

For the record everything Obama said about making sure your tires are properly inflated was scientifically backed up. But we know how you people feel about science.

Alexa said...

I'm glad this is becoming your favorite blog, FlimFlam! Of course washing your hands and checking tire pressure are not unhelpful, but they are common sense and don't solve either problem.

But I guess it matches Obama's philosophy of moving us toward a nanny state government - next will they be telling us to wipe our @$$ to prevent rash?

Oh, were you the one making completely inappropriate, abusive and vicious comments forcing me to begin moderating comments in the first place? So glad to have you back!

I don't even care what you have to say about me because you've never seen or met me, but if your comments get more abusive and offensive I will delete them. Stick to arguing politics if you must defile my blog with your idiotic comments.

Chuck said...

Alexa, what Flem Flam has done with his incredibly intelligent and eloquent response is actually provide a case study for your post. The bottom line is liberals are idiots. Obama talks this way not only because he too is a liberal, and therefore an idiot, but because he realizes that the only people listening to him at this point are liberals (idiots). Unfortunately for us all, Obama is the smart one on the left.

Alexa said...

So FlimFlam says, "The very same!

Oh, and we have met before. I know you all too well, Alexa *****"

Sounds like someone from HS. I had a feeling, considering you are from near Allston, MA. Which makes sense considering your reflexive, poorly thought out liberal responses-you obviously aren't used to arguing with people who disagree with you, otherwise you'd be sharper and an actual challenge.

So, who are you? Or are you going to continue cowardly hiding behind "FlimFlam" aka con man.

Life insurance Canada said...

Ok, I am not the greatest fan of Mr. Obama but really, what did you expect him to say? Buy tamiflu? Buy various fancy covers for your mouth (which are not working against flu viruses at all)? This panic is even more rediculous than the previous one with bird flu. How many people died in the USA because of swine flu? 4? I bet in during the same period of time died 20x more people because of "normal" flu and nobody cares...
Anyway take care, wish you good health! :)