Monday, August 17, 2009

Daily Mail Horror Story: UK Health Care Left Me to Die

Buried in this article warning of the dangers of fake tanning, Why celebrities are to blame for women risking their lives in sunbed salons to look tanned, is a revealing nugget about UK's government-run socialized health care:

In November 2007, my consultant told me to go home and enjoy my last Christmas with my family - the cancer was aggressive and had spread so quickly that I had just four weeks to live.

Many tears were shed in our family after that announcement. But all I could think was that I had three beautiful children and I had to find a way to get treatment.

So I went on the internet and discovered that the life-extending cancer drug Avastin, which I'd been told would not be approved for my use in Britain due to the expense, was available in the U.S.

A few days later, my husband and I flew to the Mayo Hospital in Minnesota, which had agreed to treat me.

At the hospital I had more chemotherapy and was prescribed Avastin. We have had to pay thousands for the drug, but I've been in remission since earlier this year, so it's been worth every penny, especially as doctors here gave me a death sentence almost two years ago.

In a nutshell: The woman was refused live-saving cancer drugs in Britain because they were too expensive! They are available to patients in the US so she flew here and is alive 2 years after UK doctors told her she had weeks to live and there was nothing they could do!

Keep government health care away from the US!


Chuck said...

Good story and timely. This is what is coming to the US and Obama has not made any real effort to hide it.

The mironic things is that the Dims, who are supposedly for equal access for all, are setting up a two tier health system. Most people will get rationed care based on cost while the wealthy will have access to whatever they can afford.

Anonymous said...

Is the UK health system so f'ed up that she couldn't pay for the treatments in her home country? That's scary. In the US, even if one's insurance company refuses to pay for something, a person still has the right to pay for it herself if she chooses. Have to ask my friends in the UK about this...

Anonymous said...

I would just like to live in a country where the insurance companies have to honor their commitments.

rightriot said...

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BTW, this story is so repugnant that it makes me want to gag.

MAS1916 said...

Coming soon to the USA!

Despite His team's best efforts, Obama hasn't been able to keep the facts from voters. That is why He is jetting off to Copenhagen today. The Chosen One is trying to establish his own autumn 'homecoming' by bringing the Olympic Games back to the crooks in Chicago. ( )

The whole purpose of the Denmark trip is to take people's minds off stories like this one. Horror stories abound in EVERY nation that has attempted this kind of government participation in health care.