Monday, August 02, 2010

It's not plagiarism, it's "trying on a persona"

Originality and uniqueness are on the wane?!?!?! I WEEP for the future! My generation is so shallow and superficial, no wonder they loved Obama! Just a generation of followers who are lazy and don't care about doing anything right - or perhaps anything at all.

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“Our notion of authorship and originality was born, it flourished, and it may be waning,” Ms. Blum said.
She contends that undergraduates are less interested in cultivating a unique and authentic identity — as their 1960s counterparts were — than in trying on many different personas, which the Web enables with social networking.

“If you are not so worried about presenting yourself as absolutely unique, then it’s O.K. if you say other people’s words, it’s O.K. if you say things you don’t believe, it’s O.K. if you write papers you couldn’t care less about because they accomplish the task, which is turning something in and getting a grade,” Ms. Blum said, voicing student attitudes. “And it’s O.K. if you put words out there without getting any credit.”


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