Thursday, August 03, 2006

The ACLU is useless

National ACLU accuses black mayor of racial profiling
“We have 26 people that have been killed in Jackson this year. We have 300,000 people killed across America each year. The majority of them are African American and it's time to do something different,” Melton said. “I want to know what the ACLU wants to do besides criticize. Besides that, the hell with them.”
(Amen, brotha!)
Lambright accused law enforcement officers of racial profiling in poorer communities by either targeting black youths or maintaining a heavy police presence.
The city's population of 184,256 is nearly 71 percent black. The population living below the poverty level is 23.5 percent.
(How do you racial profile or 'target' black people when most of the city is black anyway?!)

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