Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bus Driver Nagin Blames Everyone But Himself

Mayor Blames Racism for Slow Katrina Aid

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Friday blamed racism and government bureaucracy for hamstringing his city's ability to weather Hurricane Katrina and recover from the disaster that struck the Gulf Coast nearly a year ago.
So is he calling himself a racist since he was a big part of the problem?
"We are being strangled, and they're using the money to set local policies to try to take control of the city to do things that they had in mind all along, and that's to shrink the footprint, get a bunch of developers in the city, and try to do things in a different way," Nagin said.
God forbid they bring in developers and try to correct the mistakes that led to Katrina!
"We're not going to let that happen. They're going to give us our money, and we're going to rebuild this city."

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