Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The media continues to amaze me

The reporters seem surprised by this for some reason:

No Signs of Pro-Immigrant Voter Boom
During the spring protests that brought hundreds of thousands to the streets, Hispanic immigrants chanted a promise and a threat to politicians: "Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote." So far, however, there is no indication that such a potent political legacy is developing.

First of all, I think they get the meaning of "Today we march, tommorow we vote" wrong. I'm pretty sure the marchers were demanding the right to vote and full citizenship for illegal aliens, NOT saing they are going to start a big voter registration drive.

Second, pro-illegal immigrant rallies aren't the best places to sign up new voters considering the majority of participants are ILLEGAL ALIENS WHO CAN'T VOTE!


I also enjoy/am disgusted by the media's bias here:

The emotional response was a reaction to federal legislation that would have overhauled current immigration policy, including the criminalization of the estimated 11 million immigrants who are here illegally.

How do you criminalize something that is ALREADY illegal?!

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