Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"You have many treasures, gypsy. Who did you rob for this?"

Gypsy, who is this woman you have shrunk?

Gypsy Clans Feud Over Fortunetelling Biz

A dispute between two Gypsy clans over control of the fortunetelling trade in this Southern California city has spilled into court, offering a rare glimpse of an insular culture that has long settled scores according to its own Old World rules of honor.

The turf war in well-to-do Orange County has unfolded like a gangster movie, with allegations of death threats, a graveside scuffle, and nicknames like "White Bob" and "Black Bob" - details revealed in a police report and requests for restraining orders.

"The older Gypsies are pulling out their hair, not wanting the courts in our business because they'll find out too much about us," said Tom Merino, who is distantly related to one of the clans but has spurned his heritage. "Ignorance is the Gypsies' weapon against the outside world."

Real life gypsies? SWEET! I like how one of the gypsies' family names is "Stevens"

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