Tuesday, March 25, 2008

UK woes - a vision of the furture for the US under a Democrat President?

This article If you think it’s bad here, don’t try Switzerland discusses a new assessment that ranks countries and the UK comes out pretty high at #7, while the U.S. is a relatively low 22. But you have to read further to find out that the U.S. lost points for our constitution right to protect ourselves in our own homes with firearms!

But in light of the following articles from just one week in the Daily Mail, England doesn't sound so good. This is where the U.S. is headed (and some in this country aspire to) - esp. if Obama or Clinton are elected.

Socialized medicine - both candidates have plans to provide universal health care, shortages, costs and quality be damned:

Lung patients 'condemned to death as NHS withdraws their too expensive drugs'

Hundreds of patients with a rare lung disease will be sentenced to death by plans to stop doctors prescribing a range of drugs on the NHS, it was claimed last night.

Campaigners have condemned proposals by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence to withdraw the drugs because they are too expensive.

Family's fury as they discover 'do not resuscitate' order in mother's file after she dies
An elderly woman was left to die in hospital after an order not to resuscitate her was issued without her family's knowledge, it has been revealed.

The daughters of Doris Jarvis, 82, found the order on her medical file after complaining about the "appalling and disgraceful" care they claimed she received.

Government programs - both candidates are tripping over themselves to see who can propose the most government benefits, spending, and programs, and make people more dependent on government handouts:

Meet the families where no one's worked for THREE generations - and they don't care
Grandmother Sue is divorced and has three daughters, Theresa, 34, Debbie, 32, and Tammy, 24. None of the adults living in the house in Ellesmere Port, near Chester, has a job, and there are also six grandchildren living at home - Kyle, 18, Clayton , 12, Tyler, nine, Courtney, eight, Jodie, seven, and Lucas, six.

But the really disturbing aspect of the McFaddens' lifestyle is that they are far from alone. Six million Britons are living in homes where no one has a job and "benefits are a way of life", according to a report by MPs. Shock figures also revealed that 20,000 households in Britain are pocketing more than £30,000 a year in state benefits.

..."I could have trained as a fireman or something, but I didn't want the responsibility. All I've ever wanted is to chill out and have easy money. All my family and friends live in council houses - my parents included."

..."I don't like the idea of having to be bossed around at work and I don't want to go to college or anything because I like to stay in bed in the morning. In the meantime, it's my right to claim benefits. One day I'd like a council flat."

Right to Life - not only do both candidates have horrific records on abortion, but Obama now says the worst thing he did in Congress was vote to allow Terri Schiavo (a woman declared to be in a persistent vegetative state by doctors but whose parents wanted to keep her alive and willing to take care of and rehabilitate her) to live:

Alive: The man who heard doctors declare him brain dead and prepare to harvest his organs

A man who was pronounced dead by doctors said last night: "I feel pretty good."

Four months after he was declared brain dead and doctors were about to remove his organs for transplant, Zach Dunlap is on the road to recovery.

...His father, Doug, said he saw the results of the brain scan.

"There was no activity at all, no blood flow at all."

It's time to rethink abortion law

The latest figures on abortion, which we publish today, generate a deep sense of despair. Despite the billions poured into sex education, the number of teenage girls having abortions is at an all-time high. In some parts of the country, as many as one teenage girl in every 23 has had an abortion. Whatever is required to get the rate of teenage pregnancy down in Britain, it is clearly not being done.

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