Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy Dearest


Woman admits willingly sleeping with long-lost father in secret two-year affair

A top teenage athlete began an incestuous affair with her long lost father after tracking him down, a court has heard.

Chelsea Cummins, now 21, would meet for secret trysts with her father, Steven Broomhead, 42, at his home.

Their relationship continued for two years, despite both having other partners.

When she became pregnant Miss Cummins could not be certain of the identity of the father so she decided to abort the baby.

She became jealous when her father rekindled a relationship with her mother, Lisa, and she discovered them in a passionate clinch.

Miss Cummins told her mother: 'He'll only cheat on you. I hate my father. Do you remember when I was pregnant the previous year? I had a relationship with him.'

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