Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mummy Milk


Her friends are horrified, but the woman who still suckles her five-year-old insists: I'll breastfeed till they're EIGHT!

'Of course, some people are squeamish - they don't like three-month- olds feeding in public, let alone three-year-olds sitting on your knee - but you wouldn't throw a blanket over a sheep feeding a lamb in a field, would you? It's what nature intended.

'One friend said she thinks it's a bit strange and sometimes pulls a face, but most mothers I know are also long-term breastfeeders. Though my children are the eldest ones I know of, many women breastfeed late but keep it private for fear of public rejection. I think women want to continue for as long as possible, but public and family pressure makes them give up earlier.

'Mine will probably stop feeding between the ages of five and eight. Whenever they lose their milk teeth and can no longer suckle, but I would never stop them - I want my children to self-wean, as children who do tend to be more confident and self-assured adults. If you don't meet your child's needs, they become distant and more troubled during adolescence. '

Josephine has said she doesn't want to stop till adulthood. She really enjoys it and has actually told me she won't stop until she gets married.

She often says: "I never want to stop my mummy milk."

'Zac loves it, too - he says it's yummy and sweet.'

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Adventurous Kate said...

That is gross and WRONG!

I see nothing wrong with women breastfeeding in public as long as they're discreet about it (i.e., find a dark corner if there's nowhere to sit in the bathroom and cover up as best they can) but this is just disgusting.

How about Suri Cruise, still on her bottle of Scientology-approved barley water at the age of two?