Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Moving the Goal Posts on Iraq

  1. First they said, "It's taking too long," and then Baghdad fell;

  2. Next they said, "Saddam's still at large," and then he was dragged out of his spider hole;

  3. Then they said, "The Iraqis don't have control of their government," and then Iraqis held their first elections in decades and set up a government;

  4. After that they said, "It's a civil war," and then Sadr agrred to a cease-fire;

  5. They said, "too much violence," and then the bloodshed was dramatically reduced;

  6. Most recently they said, "The Iraqi government isn't meeting benchmarks," and now we have the report saying 15 of 18 benchmarks are satisfactory.

How are you going to move the goal posts next, liberals?


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