Monday, June 07, 2010

Top 20 HOTTEST Men in Conservative New Media!!!

I was sooooooooo excited when Melissa Tweets let me be a judge for Hot Men 2010: The Hottest Conservative Men!  It was a TON of fun going through all the pictures of HOT conservative guys in New Media.  We really had a great field of candidates and I was honored to be able to have a vote for my favorites.  It was also great chatting with the other ladies who judged: Erika (PstErikka), Elizabeth Blackney, Jackie Seal, Lisa De Pasquale, Lori Ziganto aka SnarkandBoobs, Sister Toldjah and Tabitha Hale.

Please check out the full listing on Melissa Clouthier's blog on

Here are some of my personal favorites, although the entire group is pretty awesome:

2. Joe Logue, American Conservative Union
Looks like he fits tall, dark, and handsome to a T!

3. Jeff Emanuel, Blogger Redstate, Writer, Archaeologist, Veteran, Combat Journalist
Conservative beefcake AND veteran - YUM!

4. Scott Taylor, Candidate, Navy Seal, Business Man
Another hot military man and he's running for office for Republicans!

7. Doug Giles: Clash Radio, Pastor,
Because a man with a gun is SEXY!!!

Of course, none of these guys can hold a candle to Mr. Shrugged - love you, sweetie!  ; )

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