Friday, September 24, 2010

Blood Money: More Abortonists Butcher Their Customers

It always sickens me to hear pro-choicers hail abortion "doctors" as heroes.  In reality (if you get to see someone with a medical degree, not just an unqualified and unlicensed staff member) these front-alley abortionists are last-of-their-class quacks who ruthlessly butcher desperate women in dirty and unsafe conditions in order to turn a quick and easy buck.  Complications?  Too bad, gotta keep the assembly line in the abortion mill going - maybe if you're lucky they'll call 911 in a timely fashion, but then ask the ambulance to come without the lights flashing - bad for business dontchaknow.  They don't care about women, they only care about themselves and the almighty dollar.

Anyway, here are a couple of these Dr. Deaths who are finally paying a small price for killing or seriously injuring their customers:

Practitioner Who Killed Woman in Botched Abortion Loses Medical License

Ferrer is accused of failing to properly administer pain medications, failing to monitor the patient’s respiration and ventilation, and failing to employ standard methods of care to resuscitate the patient. He is accused of giving her a fatal overdose of meperidine, a narcotic also known as Demerol.
The case was stagnant for years until the Maryland Board of Physicians, in April, filed a petition against Ferrer for "failure to meet the standard of quality care" in his negligent treatment of Crowe that resulted in her death. 
“I hope one day these same officials have to look this innocent young man in the eye and explain how they decided that veterinary clinics deserved more oversight and regulation than the facility that killed his mother,” Ames said. 

   Abortion Practitioner Agrees to License Suspension After Severely Injuring Teen

Brigham is not allowed to do late-term abortions in New Jersey, one of the four states in which he owns an abortion business, because he doesn't meet the state's medical requirements. As a result, he has started late-term abortions for women there and transported them via rental car to his Maryland abortion centers to complete the abortions.

One abortion using this method went so poorly, Brigham was forced to take the teenager to a local Maryland hospital -- and she eventually had to be airlifted to Johns Hopkins Medical center because the abortion caused a perforated uterus and it required immediate surgery.

Practitioner Heads to Jail for Manslaughter, Killed Woman in Failed Abortion

Laura, who was adopted at the age of four from Honduras by her parents, was 13 weeks into the pregnancy when she had the abortion. Osathanondh reportedly sedated her and did not have any other staff members on site who had appropriate medical training to monitor Smith's during the abortion.

Smith died shortly after the abortion, on September 13, 2007. Officials say Laura died from "cardiac pulmonary arrest during anesthesia during a voluntary termination of pregnancy" -- known as an abortion.

It said the abortion practitioner did not have any means of monitoring Smith's vital signs properly, did not have oxygen or a functioning blood pressure cuff, and said he "failed to adhere to basic cardiac life support protocol" and did not call 911 in a timely fashion. He was also accused of misleading his own staff by telling them he had given Smith oxygen during the abortion when he had not.

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