Monday, September 27, 2010

Front-Alley Abortions

Pro-choicers like to reminisce about the days of dangerous "back-alley" abortions but have things really changed since then?  They weren't called "back-alley" because they were done in a back alley, it was because illegal abortions were done in regular doctors offices but the women had to sneak in through the back door.  All Roe v. Wade did was legalize these "back-alley" offices and allow them to continue the same abortions but bring in people through the front door.  Legalization didn't make abortion any safer (except maybe for the livelihood of the abortionist), it was medical advances like penicillin that saved women's lives.

Front-alley abortion centers exist today, where heartless abortionists butcher women in dangerous and unsanitary conditions.  There is little to no regulation of abortion mills because holding them to standards that even tattoo parlors and veterinarian offices have to abide by would violate a "woman's right to choose!"  Instead of being so worried that having medical standards in place would shut down abortion centers and reduce "access" to abortion, maybe proaborts should be more concerned that their precious abortion centers are so unsanitary, and unsafe that they would have to close in the first place!

The mantra of "safe, legal, but rare" is a sham - they don't care about safety or reducing abortions, they only care that they're legal, no matter the cost to the women, families and children.

Some front-alley abortion mills in the news:

Judge Allows Louisiana Abortion Facility Not Meeting Safety Standards to Reopen

The health department said it found the Hope Medical Group for Women abortion center failed to ensure a physician performed a physical exam of the mother prior to the abortion and failed to properly monitor vital signs of patients under anesthesia. 
It also did not have proper procedures in place for administering anesthesia and failed to have properly trained medical professionals administering anesthesia and engaging in other medical procedures related to it.

Abortion Practitioner With Problems Replaces One Who Killed Woman in Maryland

Wartanian has a long and sordid history of malpractice suits and wrongful deaths reaching back decades, Newman notes, and he was involved in a 2001 Maryland scandal that led to reforms in the way the Board of Physicians disciplines doctors. But through it all, Wartanian has escaped discipline. 

Operation Rescue has issued a new report detailing Wartanian's legal woes and his history of incompetence that has led to the deaths of at least two babies not destined for abortions.

Suspended Abortion Practitioner Nicola Riley Putting Women at Medical Risk Utah

Earlier this month, the Maryland Board of Physicians suspended the medical license of abortion practitioner Nicola I. Riley. Riley was a staff abortion practitioner of embattled abortion business owner Steven Chase Brigham but following the suspension, Riley has returned to her Utah home to do abortions there.
Riley was involved in the botched abortion in Elkton, Maryland, that led to the discovery of Brigham's scheme to circumvent late-term abortion laws.

She is accused of aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of medicine whereby Brigham and his staff begin abortions at his New Jersey centers, which don't meet state health and safety laws to make them eligible to do later-term abortions, then transporting the women to Maryland for completion of the abortion. Brigham has been found to have injured women in two other similar abortions.

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