Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DNC Chair Blames Tea Party for Shootings, Embraces OWS Criminals

Today DNC Chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (DWS) gives us the latest outrage against the Tea Party.

In response to a question about a lack of civility in Congress, DWS' initial response was, "We need to make sure that we tone things down, particularly in light of the Tucson tragedy from a year ago..."

It is sick and disgusting for DWS to dredge up the slanderous and infamously false accusation that somehow political rhetoric - especially from the Tea Party - inspired the Arizona shootings that almost killed Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  

To follow this she talks about the discourse in America and Congress and says, "I hesitate to place blame [YEAH, RIGHT!!!], but I have noticed it take a very precipitous turn towards edginess and lack of civility with the growth of the Tea Party movement."

She continued, "You had town hall meetings that they tried to take over, and you saw some their conduct at those tea party meetings."

Seriously??  DWS is condemning the many constituents who expressed their opposition to bills like Obamacare to the officials elected to represent them?!

The Tea Parties not only were peaceful protests by law-abiding Americans petitioning their government, but they were convents compared to the filth and lawlessness coming out of the Occupy Wall Street movement that she supports.

Of these thugs, whose rhetoric has actually included calls for the murder of elected officials, DWS said on January 3, 2012: "I’ve been publicly supportive of them. I think that they are well within their rights to be frustrated.”  (But apparently the Tea Party activists who took to Town Hall meetings to vent their frustrations were NOT within their rights.) 

DWS conveniently ignores the REAL crimes perpetrated by OWS, including murder, rape, and theft - not to mention the trespassing and health violations inherent in their permit-less occupations.  Assault and threats are common at the encampments and arrests have been in the thousands.  Just today, the WaPo carried this headline: Child cruelty charge after baby found alone in Occupy camp.

Instead of railing against imagined Tea Party boogeymen, maybe DWS needs to take a look at at the real monsters in her midst.


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Update: I was alerted through reading Sundries Shack that DWS tweeted a response to the RNC Chair's tweet calling for her to apologize by saying that those outraged by her comment lacked civility:

So apparently, to quote @PoliticalMath, "if you quote @DWStweets on incivility, that's proof of your incivility." Pot, meet kettle.

And Verum Serum says:

The real question is this: What is the connection between political civility and the irrational actions of a diagnosed schizophrenic, i.e. Jared Loughner? Answer: There isn’t one. That’s why people like me are bent out of shape by Tucson being bandied about in this context.

Simply put, civility or lack thereof had nothing whatsoever to do with Tucson. That may not have been clear in the early days when hacks like Paul Krugman were stumbling all over themselves to lay blame at the feet of folks on the right, but it’s clear now. Given the facts, we’re not having any more of this nonsense from the left.


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Falklands Aficianado said...

Thanks for the tip on this one. I still kept a record of some of the vile tweets put out after the Tucson tragedy blaming the Tea Party.