Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Obama Presidency In One Picture

Yep, pretty much sums it up:

Complete with teleprompters and adoring media crowds - all in Fantasyland!

via BuzzFeed 13 Photos Of Barack Obama At Disney That Will Probably Turn Up In Attack Ads

Update: 9/14/12 - New Obama Presidency In One Photo


Anonymous said...

The President is right at home in fantasy land.

Anonymous said...

Better than the crazy land atlas shrugs inhabits.

g ransom said...

Obviously, anonymous the latter never read the book...the land which "atlas shrugs(sic) inhabits" is that in which we all live...the difference between "atlas" (John Galt) and the rest of humanity is in how we relate to that world

Adam Schiff said...

Brilliant. It's all there, the use of over-the-top imagery and the crutch of the teleprompters, as well as talking down to crowds, as though they are children. The man suffers from hubris syndrome ( so I am not surprised that he fails to see the irony in giving a speech at Disneyland.

Gary Ivey said...

That's great, but Wonderland is a good metaphor too.