Thursday, July 05, 2012

Top 10 Hottest Conservative Congressmen


BUMPED UP 8/11/12: OUR VP PICK!!!  Hottest Vice Presidential candidate ever?  Don't you wish we had a pick of Paul Ryan shirtless like with Flake?

Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-1)
Age 42
This budget-cutting cutie is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee.  His command of economic issues and innovative budget plan “The Path to Prosperity” is attractive to younger people like me because he actually wants to DO something to save our future!  This, combined with his boyish good looks, helped inspired the internet meme Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan.  Never before has conservative economics been so sexy!


I had so much fun doing the Top 20 HOTTEST Men in Conservative New Media list in 2010 that I wanted to do it again this year.  Alas, I was beaten to the punch.  Those lists always court controversy and bruise egos so I thought I'd give the hottest conservative men meme a twist and feature the top 10 hottest conservative CONGRESSmen!  Now nobody I know personally will be ticked off at being left off the list!  (And it goes without saying, but I love my husband Mr. Shrugged and he's 1000x hotter than any of these guys!)

Here, in no particular order by request, are the top 10 hottest conservative Congressmen:

Sen. Scott Brown (MA)
Age 52
This silver fox originally set hearts racing with his nude spread in Cosmopolitian magazine in the 80's - picture below for your enjoyment but cropped to make it more safe for work.  He captured my heart when he turned the Kennedy Seat into the People's Seat in the MA Senate special election in 2010.  As a refugee from the People's Republic of Massachusetts, I never thought we'd see another Republican Senator so his win was AMAZING!  Now he's up for Senate again in November against the lying fake Native American and elitist 1% ivy league professor Elizabeth Warren - this man needs to win, help him out!

Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (CA-52)
Age 35
This son of a congressman quit his job to become a Marine after 9/11.  Wonder if any of the anti-war protestors thought they were being clever and went to his father Rep. Duncan L. Hunter at the time saying, "If you support the war, why don't you send your own children to fight it?" only to have him say his son IS fighting.  No chicken hawks in the Hunter family (his father also served in Vietnam)!  He was sent to Afghanistan once and Iraq twice - including the battle of Fallujah.  He took his father's seat when he retired and has been advocating for conservative values ever since.

Rep. Ben Quayle (AZ-3)
Age 35
This cutie may be known as the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, but he's quickly making a conservative name for himself in the House as a freshman Congressman.  National Journal has already ranked him tied for first as the most conservative in the House.  Unfortunately, due to redistricting, he has to go head to head with fellow freshman Republican Congressman David Schweiker in a primary for Arizona's 6th District.  Something tells me no matter what happens this won't be last of what we see from Ben Quayle.

Sen. Marco Rubio (FL)
Age 41
Muy caliente!  This Tea Party favorite was a long shot to win against RINO turned traitor Charlie Crist, but turned it around with his charisma and ability to make conservatism accessible to the masses.  His parents escaped Cuba which influenced his personal political beliefs and dedication to life and liberty.  He's obviously a rising star in the GOP, no wonder there are whispers of him for VP this year, and president in the future.

Rep. Jeff Flake (AZ-6)
Age 49
This anti-pork crusader first caught my eye when I worked for a government waste watchdog group.  His principled stance on earmarks, sometimes even bucking his own party, has earned him respect from across the political spectrum.  He's the former Executive Director of the Goldwater Institute - gotta love when someone with a think tank background and deep knowledge of conservative issues can fight for us in Congress.  Now he's running for Senate where he can gain more influence and join up with fellow waste warriors Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn.  Oh, and look at those pecs!


Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL-11)
Age 34
This Tom Cruise in Top Gun lookalike achieved the rank of Major in United States Air Force and is still a pilot in the Air National Guard.  Although he's only 34 and a freshman, he's earned the role of Deputy Republican Whip in the House.  But waaaaay more impressive is the fact that he saved a woman's life in 2006 - the woman had her throat cut and Adam disarmed and subdued her attacker!  He told Human Events, "When you think someone could be killed and you did nothing about it, you realize your life is not the most important thing."  AMAZING!  Who wouldn't want to be saved by this hunk?

Rep. Aaron Schock (IL-18)
Age 31
This "abtastic" Congressman is the youngest Member of Congress and the first member of my generation - children of the 80’s!  Aaron's youth and toned physique have made him a DC celebrity, landing on magazine covers, TMZ, and tv shows.  The man has style, but based on the abundance of photos on the internet, he is more comfortable without a shirt than in a suit.  I apologize that I only have photos of Aaron shirtless ... ok, no, I'm not sorry!

Rep. Michael Grimm (NY-17)
Age: 42
This Marine served our country in the first Gulf War.  Upon returning - how cool is this - he became an undercover FBI agent investigating the mafia and white collar crime on Wall Street.  He even had a mafia nickname - "Mikey Suits!"  As you can see below, he is a sharp dressed man, which every girl's crazy about.  And could anything be more swoon-worthy than a photo of him holding a puppy with a Ronald Reagan portrait in the background?

Rep. Sean Duffy (WI-7)
Age 40
This professional lumberjack athlete - yes, professional lumberjack athlete! - began his career in the public eye on the tv show "Real World" Boston.  After lawyering for a while, Sean announced he'd run against heavy favorite and powerful Democrat House Appropriations Chairman David Obey.  But Obey saw the writing on the wall after key GOP victories like Scott Brown's and retired.  Sean eventually went on to win election to Congress with 52% of the vote.  I've met him in person and, along with having a beautiful wife and the cutest children, he is devastatingly handsome.

So that's my list of the top 10 hottest conservative Congressmen - what did you think?  How do you rank them and is there anyone I missed?  Enjoy!


Martha in Chapel HIll said...

When Richard Hudson wins NC8, he will be on your list!

Martha in Chapel HIll said...

You forgot Senator Richard Burr!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reaffirming that your values are skin deep.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Minnesota's Pete Hegseth? He ran for endorsement for US Senate but lost to the Ron Paul candidate. We are in the midst of a RP hostile take-over of the MN GOP.

Kathy from Kansas said...

Very disappointed to see no pics of Paul Ryan's pecs. The man leads a P90X workout bright and early every a.m. in the Congressional gym. In his pre-Congress days, one of his many jobs was fitness instructor. Anyone who knows what P90X is -- EXTREME fitness! -- knows that there's something worth seeing under Congressman Ryan's shirt.

Anonymous said...

Gearing up for next year, nominee Jason Plummer (IL) is definitely a beautiful hot man.

He is a huge blond giant, Navy Reserves. His genuine respect for others just multiplies his sexiness. See for yourself...

Anonymous said...

Interesting when women can look at men sexually and it's O.K., but when men do the same then their are sexist.

I like this blog, but you can do better than this. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Interesting when women can look at men sexually and it's O.K., but when men do the same then their are sexist.

Hey - MALE blog readers like to look at men too, or are you not thinking of us too?

Anonymous said...

Conservatives: Wretched policies and politics, but some of 'em are SO cute. It's just not fair.

By the way, not to burst your bubble, but at least one of these cuties is gay. Maybe more.

Anonymous said...

Jason Plummer is a beautiful hot man ? Have you tried wearing glasses ? Bouncy Butterball maybe but beautiful & hot - definitely not. He's not even blond , he's ginger/red-head You definitely need glasses.

Anonymous said...

Darrel Issa the sexiest!