Thursday, November 14, 2013

Obamacare increases minimum premiums in Virginia by more than 350%!

Instant proof Obamacare raises costs that you can check yourself:

I went to to look up prices for individual health care in Virginia.  When you choose your coverage to begin in 2013, deemed "pre-Obamacare," the prices start at $44.  If you choose it to begin in 2014 to be Obamacare-compliant, the cheapest plan is $202!  That's more than a 359% increase!

2013 Plans:

2014 Plans:

Obviously the benefits are different - but that's the point. In 2013, a man isn't required to have maternity coverage, nor is a woman who will not give birth, but in 2014 they are. Coverage they do not want or need, but now they get to pay for it!

I got these two results on this page without yet entering in age, sex, or even a zip code. I wonder what their algorithm is without age and sex. I am assuming the website knows I'm in Virginia because when I typed in zip codes from other states, the numbers changed.

What is the price difference in your state?
(I got the idea for this post from Capitol City Project's similar inquiry)

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