Wednesday, November 20, 2013

VIDEO: Bush on Leno

I LOVED seeing President George W. Bush on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night! Bush had some great lines, it's really must-see. It was so good to see him doing well - I really miss him!

Funny, engaging, caring, classy - what an honor to have him as president!

Dubya shows some of his paintings - there's a Rembrandt inside him! - and gives Leno a portrait.

The Bushes were on the Kiss Cam at the Houston Texans game. Dubya on bonding with his grandchild: "It was a little slow at first because the kid doesn't say much."

President & Mrs. Bush talk about their work in Africa refurbishing clinics - bonus Dubya dance footage!!!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Obama misery ...

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D. Bowman said...

LoL. Love the last sentence :)