Monday, June 09, 2008

Obama Gaffes

It's time to highlight what is sure to be a running feature: Obama gaffes. As you're watching, close your eyes and imagine it is President Bush saying this stuff. Then imagine what the reaction would be ...

We'll start out with two from one speech over the weekend.

Obama attempts to discuss Iraq:

Obama tries to talk about health care:

Obama has been to 57 states in the US:

Oh, he's so eloquent and inspiring!


Anonymous said...

I don't think this is really fair. If you're going to criticize Obama or anyone for that matter stay on the issues. Even the best speakers in the world stumble from time to time. Obama and Clinton campaigned their little hearts out for 17 months. They were both exhausted and prone to make mistakes.

Do you honestly think John McCain and the other Republicans candidates would have made flawless speeches had their primary lasted as long? I've seen McCain stumble and misspeak many times in the last few weeks. What's his excuse?

Your comparison to President Bush lacks class. Like McCain, Bush isn't great when it comes to prepared speeches. Bush was always better when he spoke from his heart--remember those improv moments just after 9/11?

By criticizing Obama because he misspoke a couple of times, you're only contributing to the trivial non issues that have been consuming the MSM: flag pins, expensive haircuts, age, ect...

McCain and Obama could very well be the most respectable candidates this country sees in our lifetime. Regardless of who wins, they both have the potential to transform their respective parties and American politics for decades to come. Let's give them both the respect they deserve and stay on topic.

Alexa said...

Hey, it's not MY fault that Bush has been lambasted for over 8 years for the way he speaks yet Obama gets a pass for doing the same things. I'm just pointing out the inconsistency.

Anonymous said...

The difference is that Bush is an genuine idiot. Obama is an elitist intellectual.

For the record I voted for Bush and supported him for the longest time. I don't not anymore. He has done too many heinous and horrible things to be forgiven.