Thursday, May 24, 2007

Designer jeans, designer drugs, designer ... vaginas?!?!

Top medical journal blasts "designer vagina" craze

..."Our patients sometimes cited restrictions on lifestyle as reasons for their decision," they say.

"These restrictions included inability to wear tight clothing, go to the beach, take communal showers or ride a bicycle comfortably, or avoidance of some sexual practices.

"Men, however, do not usually want the size of their genitals reduced for such reasons. Furthermore, they find alternative solutions for any discomfort arising from rubbing or chaffing of the genitals."

..."Not unlike presenting for a haircut at a salon, women often brought along images to illustrate the desired appearance," say Creighton and Liao. "The illustrations, usually from advertisements or pornography, are always selective and possibly digitally altered."


Karen Janowski said...

Ok, where do you find this stuff?????

Alexa said...

Drudge Report mostly

Anonymous said...

I just spit my water all over the keyboard. How freakin' funny.