Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My Top 5 Must Reads of the Day 7/7/10

  1. Study Confirms Abortion Triples Breast Cancer Risk Among Sri Lanka Women LifeNews

  2. The Sri Lankan study is the fourth epidemiological study in fourteen months to report an abortion-breast cancer link, including studies from the U.S., China and Turkey.

    The studies are piling up. How long will the pro-aborts be able to continue to keep this quiet? Thought they cared about women's lives (yeah right!)

  3. The Arabs on Iran WSJ 
    The U.A.E. ambassador tells the truth

  4. Mr. Otaiba added that "There are many countries in the region who, if they lack the assurance the U.S. is willing to confront Iran, they will start running for cover towards Iran." He also tossed some skepticism at the idea, fashionable in Washington, that Iran can be deterred or contained if it gets a bomb. That's hardly credible if the West fails to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power after so many declarations that such an outcome was unacceptable.

    Hmmm, maybe this will get Obama's attention: "Come on, Obama, if you want to be liked in the Arab world, you have to protect us all from Iran's nuclear ambitions!" 


  5. The Elite Turn Against Obama Daily Beast By Lloyd Grove

  6. “The curse of longterm unemployment is that if you pay people to do nothing, they’ll find themselves doing nothing for very long periods of time,” Ferguson said. “Long-term unemployment is at an all-time high in the United States, and it is a direct consequence of a misconceived public policy.” ... Zuckerman said. “The real problem we have…are some of the worst economic policies in place today that, in my judgment, go directly against the long-term interests of this country.”

    Got that, Nancy? Unemployment benefits do NOT create jobs!!! Obamanomics FAIL

  7. Democrats digging harder than ever for dirt on Republicans Washington Post

  8. Democratic leaders are trying to frame the November midterm elections not as a national referendum on the party in power but as local choices between two candidates. "We can win the contrast, but not the referendum," Democratic strategist Steve Murphy said. "What is critical in this election cycle is for Democratic candidates to hold Republican candidates accountable for their views."

    This story REEKS of desperation!  Dems know their brand is weak.

  9. Drug lobby showers money on its hero Harry Reid Washington Examiner

  10. And while the TV spot makes only passing reference to the health care bill passed in March, there's no doubt this ad buy -- and the rest of the drug industry's generosity toward Harry Reid -- is a big thank you for the corporate-welfare "reform" bill that Reid shepherded through the Senate.

    And yet somehow the Democrats are able to peg us as the party of Big PHRMA! ...and Big everything else...
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