Monday, July 26, 2010

Politico: Obama, student lefty | WHAT-Obama wasn't a dazzling writer & MSM missed an item from his past?! #tcot

Gee, maybe the books Obama published that the MSM and media fawn over were heavily edited or ghost written? Maybe that's why Obama was never forthcoming about sharing his student papers and writings. Maybe he's not as amazing as advertised!

And, journalists overlooking items from Obama's past? Imagine that! Hilarious.

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Written just months before Obama graduated, this is not exactly his best work, but it offers a new glimpse of his very conventional campus liberalism of the time.
awful prose from a guy who can clearly write suggests he didn't exactly put heart and soul into this one
It's pretty funny that a bunch of journalists hunting through the Columbiana archives didn't find this gemRead more at

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